5 residence cures for the abdomen flu

There isn’t a particular therapy for the abdomen flu. Individuals can often handle abdomen flu signs with residence cures equivalent to resting, ingesting fluids, and consuming sure meals.

“Abdomen flu” shouldn’t be the flu in any respect. As a substitute, the time period refers to a bunch of infections that trigger nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdomen ache. Docs may additionally check with abdomen flu as gastroenteritis.

In wholesome folks and older kids, it’s usually potential to handle abdomen flu signs at residence. Nevertheless, residence cures aren’t enough if signs are extreme. Moreover, abdomen flu in very younger, sick, or dehydrated infants and kids could also be a medical emergency. A mum or dad or caregiver ought to contact a physician in these situations.

Learn extra to find out about the perfect residence cures for the abdomen flu.

Residence cures are the primary line of therapy for the abdomen flu, particularly if an individual has a viral an infection. It is because there may be no particular medicine that may struggle viral infections. As a substitute, healthcare professionals give attention to managing signs.

Some therapy choices embrace:

Residence cures

Residence cures purpose to handle signs so they don’t worsen. This offers the physique time to struggle the an infection and helps an individual really feel higher.

The primary focus of residence cures is stopping dehydration by ingesting loads of fluids. This text will focus on extra residence cures within the subsequent part.


Docs don’t prescribe antibiotics for viral abdomen flu, as these is not going to assist. Nevertheless, antibiotics could deal with bacterial types of the abdomen flu, equivalent to Salmonella or Escherichia coli infections.

If an individual has a viral an infection, a physician could prescribe medication to handle signs as an alternative of antibiotics. These can embrace antinausea medication equivalent to ondansetron or metoclopramide.

Some folks could discover aid from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Medical intervention

In extreme instances, an individual may have medical consideration for monitoring and extra therapy.

As a result of gastroenteritis could cause vomiting, folks with the situation can simply turn out to be dehydrated. A physician could give IV fluids to rehydrate them. They will additionally administer IV drugs.

Hospitalization additionally permits healthcare professionals to intently monitor an individual and suggest the perfect course of therapy.

The next residence cures could assist alleviate gastroenteritis signs.


Fluids are crucial side of therapy for folks of all ages.

Infants and kids nonetheless nursing ought to proceed breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or components. This could exchange misplaced fluids, present important diet, and provide consolation.

Older kids and adults ought to give attention to ingesting loads of fluids. Some folks could discover that electrolyte drinks assist, particularly if they’ve skilled vomiting. Youngsters may additionally extra readily drink electrolyte drinks or popsicles.

If an individual can not hold fluids down, they’ve a excessive threat of dehydration. They need to contact a physician straight away.

Natural cures

Natural cures aren’t an ordinary therapy, and there’s no proof that they will remedy the abdomen flu sooner than different residence cures. Nevertheless, some proof suggests a couple of natural cures could ease signs.

One among these is ginger, a well-liked spice which will alleviate nausea and assist stop vomiting. A 2021 examine discovered that ginger helped cut back vomiting in younger kids. Individuals additionally generally use it throughout being pregnant to cope with morning illness.

Individuals can attempt ginger lozenges, tea, or cookies.

One other frequent selection is peppermint. A 2019 paper means that consuming peppermint sweet or inhaling peppermint oil could assist cut back nausea.

Nevertheless, changing fluids with natural cures or formulations is unsafe. A very powerful therapy is to supply fluids, and any natural interventions ought to complement this customary of care.

Dietary modifications

Consuming an excessive amount of or consuming very spicy or heavy meals could make vomiting and diarrhea worse.

Many docs suggest making an attempt a bland BRAT weight loss plan. This includes:

Nevertheless, analysis doesn’t persistently present higher outcomes with a BRAT weight loss plan than with common diets. Individuals ought to hearken to their our bodies, eat in the event that they really feel prefer it, and make dietary modifications based mostly on how their physique responds.


Relaxation could assist folks really feel higher sooner, particularly since fatigue is a standard abdomen flu symptom.

Relaxation additionally retains folks at residence, which reduces the chance of passing on the an infection. Avoiding others and working towards frequent handwashing may also help restrict the unfold.

OTC drugs

Some folks could discover aid from OTC drugs equivalent to:

  • Fever and ache relievers: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil) can relieve fevers and muscle aches.
  • Bismuth salicylate: This ingredient, current in Kaopectate and Pepto-Bismol, can relieve abdomen ache.
  • Loperamide: This antidiarrheal ingredient is current in Immodium. It could assist cut back the chance of dehydration from diarrhea.

An individual ought to name a pediatrician earlier than giving an toddler or little one any medicine. This contains dietary supplements or OTC medication.

Individuals ought to contact a physician if an individual develops indicators of significant dehydration. The particular person could cease urinating, their face could look sunken or dry, or they might appear torpid or weak. Infants and kids could cry with out tears.

An individual also needs to contact a physician if:

  • an sick particular person can not hold down any fluids
  • an toddler develops vomiting or diarrhea
  • an individual with gastroenteritis appears very unwell, for instance, if they’re torpid, unable to remain awake, or confused
  • signs don’t go away inside a couple of days, or an individual will get steadily worse
  • the particular person has a compromised immune system, equivalent to in folks with most cancers, HIV, or AIDS

The abdomen flu refers to a bunch of viral and bacterial diseases. It usually goes away by itself, and other people can often handle it with residence cures and coverings.

Residence therapy may also help stop dehydration and ease signs. Relaxation could give the physique time to get better and heal. Nevertheless, if an individual will get considerably worse, develops signs of dehydration, or doesn’t enhance, they need to contact a physician.

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