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shopping tour in Jaipur

Gear Up for Some Heartfelt Shopping in Jaipur in its Best Bazaars Jaipur, often fondly referred to as the “Pink City”, is Rajasthan’s capital city, and an iconic tourist destination in India. While Jaipur is home to numerous historical landmarks, the best tour packages to Jaipur are those which have their fair share of shopping activities. The huge collection of jewellery, pottery, carvings, fabrics, textiles, stones, and handicrafts available throughout the city ensure that shopping on a Jaipur customized package is never a dull affair! Head to the following destinations in Jaipur, and satisfy the shopaholic in you! Bapu Bazaar Bapu Bazaar has emerged as one of..

Photography tours in india

Top Indian Destinations Your Camera Should Not Miss Out On India has no shortage of scenic places. Beaches, hills, forests, rivers, lakes, seas, wildlife reserves, entire cities; you name it, India has got it. If you plan to go to any of these places, going without a camera would be considered criminal. The photos you click at these beautiful places would make for marvellous memories, no matter when you see them in the future. Wondering where to go for photography tours in India? Let's find out! RAJASTHAN Situated in North India, the state of Rajasthan has everything. The Thar Desert, iconic forts and monuments, royal palaces, a hill-station, and a culture that draws tourists..

Hospitality – The Heart of India

AtithiDevoBhava, or the guest is equivalent to God, holds special significance in India's deep-rooted culture and ethnicity. Offering limitless hospitality to a guest is fundamental to Indian culture and the rich tradition has been lingering since time immemorial. India's tradition highlights that no matter how poor one is, he should always treat his guests with warmth and kindness. A trip to India unravels the country's exuberant generosity and hospitality, steeped into its intriguing cultural heritage. Indian hospitality and traditions are legendary – something that not justcomesingrained among the people but are also truly believed. Everyone is treated with utmost con..

Spiritual Essence of India

India – a land where its people, its spoil and indeed its very air breed and encourage spiritualism. This has made the country a melting pot of diverse religions, with distinct culture, traditions and ethnicity. Our country boasts of the presence of every major religion in the world, thriving and prospering in comparative harmony. The age-old cultural, secular environment of India has always supported and nourished freedom of belief, paving the way for utmost spirituality. In India, you will find Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and many other religions and spiritual beliefs existing in sheer harmony. With such intriguing blend of religions a..