India – a land where its people, its spoil and indeed its very air breed and encourage spiritualism. This has made the country a melting pot of diverse religions, with distinct culture, traditions and ethnicity. Our country boasts of the presence of every major religion in the world, thriving and prospering in comparative harmony. The age-old cultural, secular environment of India has always supported and nourished freedom of belief, paving the way for utmost spirituality.

In India, you will find Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and many other religions and spiritual beliefs existing in sheer harmony. With such intriguing blend of religions and culture, you will be simply awed and find your senses seemingly saturated by spiritualism in India. The country's mystical charm and spirituality has always attracted people from across the world. The traditional way of life here has paved for evolution and prosperity of spiritualism, which takes different forms across different religions and beliefs.

Over the history of our civilization, innumerable saints and spiritual leaders have left behind the message of brotherhood, peace and harmony that is well rooted in our culture. Arts like Ayurveda and Yoga, coupled with religion, have played an integral role in the evolution and flourishing of spirituality in India. The broad spectrum of our culture is being constantly molded and influenced by the strong force of India's multi-sided spirituality. Its essence affirms deep within the heart and spirit, and high above the mind, unraveling a consciousness of powers, truths and ecstasies that drive our life.

Discover India's spiritual essence to explore its true beauty and mystical charm.

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