AtithiDevoBhava, or the guest is equivalent to God, holds special significance in India's deep-rooted culture and ethnicity. Offering limitless hospitality to a guest is fundamental to Indian culture and the rich tradition has been lingering since time immemorial. India's tradition highlights that no matter how poor one is, he should always treat his guests with warmth and kindness. A trip to India unravels the country's exuberant generosity and hospitality, steeped into its intriguing cultural heritage.

Indian hospitality and traditions are legendary – something that not justcomesingrained among the people but are also truly believed. Everyone is treated with utmost consideration and warmth, and each Indian extends his hand to a visitor more than what he can afford. From preparation of delicacies and special arrangements for guests to the Indian on the street, who when asked for directions, often accompanies the person to the destination, to grand wedding invitation to a foreign visitor – this is what Indian hospitality is all about.

Be a part of India cultural tours and discover India's rare beauty in its heritage, hospitality and traditions. On visiting the country, one will be astonished by the welcoming attitude of people here towards the guests and visiting strangers. Often, they feel honored to share their time, food and thoughts with their guests, putting forward the best of themselves to make the guests feel at ease. For an Indian family, home is the reflection of pride and honor, and they will go to great lengths to make a guest feel secure and comfortable.

Enjoy the experience unique cultural tours to India and discover glorious India with its warm hospitality. You can plan a heritage trip to Indiafor a thorough peek into the rich Indian traditions, ingrained into its culture and ethnicity.

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