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Maharashtra – The Melting Pot of India’s Cultural Diversities

The multiethnic state of Maharashtra reveals how India is truly the land of grand cultural confluences. The home to metropolitans, cosmopolitans, colonial heritage, ancient and medieval monuments and religious wonders, the state also hosts larger-then-life festive celebrations. With Arabian Sea in the west and Western Ghats in the East, it boasts of some marvelous beaches and hill stations as well. Truly amazing are the street foods and snacks and never-say-die spirit of its residents. To delve deeper into this ocean built by multiple cultural streams, you have got the right guide in the form of


From Satvahanas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas and Mauryas to Yadavas, Sultanates, Mughals and Marathas, many powerful dynasties and empires ruled various regions of Maharashtra over centuries. It gained prominence for hosting Indian freedom struggle activities under British rule and was converted into Maharashtra State in the year 1960.

Places to Visit

Mumbai, the city of dreams and home to astounding Victorian Architecture, Bollywood and lively beaches, is indeed the highlight of the state. Ajanta and Ellora Caves with rich sculptures and paintings are just not worth missing. Other tourist attractions include Tadoba National Park, hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and religious towns like Shirdi.


  • Architectural splendor that blends many fascinating styles like Buddhist, Islamic, Mughal, Hindu and Victorian.
  • Folk music and entertaining dance forms like Lavani and Powada.
  • Snacks are indeed the most alluring aspect of state’s culture. Vada paav, missal paav, paav bhaji, selucha chana and many spicy preparations are simply irresistible. Sweets like puranpoli, modak and shrikhand are worth trying too.
  • Lively festival celebrations like Krishna Janamashthmi, Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratre are the times which flaunt the religious tolerance and cultural unity.
  • Crafts like the famous kolhapuri slippers, paithani silk sarees as well as the agricultural produce like jams, squashes and jellies are great items to buy.

India’s third-largest state Maharashtra can entertain you for weeks. To travel better, find out how we can help.