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Know Gujarat

Gujarat – Carrying on the Cultural Prosperity since Centuries

From witnessing the evolution of Indus Valley Civilization to being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat has enjoyed a long history of being a wealthy region, both economically and culturally. Larger then life are the state’s outstanding heritage, lavish Hindu temples, inimitable textile crafts, extravagant festive celebrations and an unending list of culinary feasts. People here have sweetness in their conduct and are ever-ready to display their bigheartedness. We at take you through the extraordinary tours of Gujarat, the land of roaring Asiatic lions, sprawling salt marshes, serene beaches and much more.

Places to See

The state amazingly blends the architectural magnificence with religious heritage, an irresistible combination so elaborately visible at Sun Temple Modhera, Somnath Temple, Dwarkaji, Jain Temples on Girnar Hill and many other sites. The Indus Valley Civilization sites of Dholavira, Lothal and Gola Dhoro as well as the historical towns and cities of Junagadh, Bhuj and Ahmedabad which hosts grand mansions, gothic specimen, Buddhist heritage and much more are also popular.

Gir National Park, the planet’s last abode for Asiatic lions, Rann of Kutch, an ocean of glittering white salty marshlands, and places associated with the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, including Gandhinagar and Porbandar, are simply fabulous to explore. Other well-known tourist places include Saputara Hill Station and Marine National Park near Jamnagar.


  • Wealth of textile arts like bandhani, patola silk weaving, mirror work and embroidery.
  • Amazing handicrafts including woodcraft (on varieties like teak, redwood, sheesham, deodar, ebony, rosewood and many more), brassware, pottery, jewelry making, miniature paintings and so on.
  • Energetic dance forms like garba and dandia, folk songs and use of wind and percussion instruments in music.
  • Irresistible delicacies like undhyoo, dhokla, fafda, khandvi, gatha, chevdo and sweets like basundi, milk pak, jalebi, mohan thal, ghari and many more.
  • Festivals like Navratri, Kutch Mahotsava, International Kite Festival, Modhera Dance Festival, Holi, Janamashthmi, Shamlaji Fair and so on.

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