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Jaisalmer – A Charming Desert Fortress with an Exotic Culture& Heritage

Jaisalmer – the name instantly evokes sheer vibrancy and magic of the desert – exuding the aura of a true Arabian Nights fable. The astounding forts, magnificent havelis and warmth & colour ofpeople in Jaisalmer are edifices of an intriguing history, rich culture and limitless hospitality. The rugged terrain adds to the splendour of this beautiful desert fortress as you let your eyes caress the majestic sand dunes, rambling your way in an exotic camel safari. The golden fantasy of the Thar Desert was founded by RawalJaisal, a Bhati Rajput ruler, in 1156 A.D. The city is also famed owing to its main trade route linking India to Arabia and Egypt.

Places to Visit

Jaisalmer Fort, popularly known as Sonar Quila, is a glorious testament of ancient architectural beauty and royalty. Built with exotic golden sandstone, it s a majestic structure amidst the spectacular rugged beauty of the desert. The beautiful Gadsisar Lake is the ultimate spot for sightseeing and bird watching; so, make sure that you carry your SLR camera and binoculars for an enchanting experience. And if you wish to engulf yourself amidst magical folklores and tales, visit Kuldhara Abandoned Village. Other popular tourist attractions in Jaisalmer are Nathmaljiki Haveli, PatwonJi Ki Haveli, SalimJi Ki Haveli, Desert National Park and Akal Wood Fossil Park.

Festivals of Jaisalmer

The city of Jaisalmer comes alive with the vibrant music, colours and traditions of the Desert Festival – a true testimony of Jaisalmer’s exotic culture and heritage. The very rich and exquisite Rajasthani folk culture is exhibited in this festival, with dances and lingering ballads of romance, chivalry and tragedy.

Jaisalmer Cuisine

Jaisalmer’s rich traditions come alive in its lip-smacking delicacies that include murgh-e-subz, chicken tikka, bhanonaloo and kadipakora – a must try for food lovers.