Docs say homeopathic remedy Rodgers reportedly acquired is just not an alternative choice to COVID-19 vaccine

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) — Aaron Rodgers is once more the speak of the day. As he recovers from Covid, individuals are questioning concerning the homeopathic remedy NFL Community’s Ian Rapoport mentioned Rodgers was getting.

Backside line — these within the medical occupation say homeopathic remedy is just not an alternative choice to the Covid vaccine. However holistic remedy facilities can see why Rodgers did it, due to the way in which it may possibly increase one’s immunity.

When requested if he is been vaccinated two months in the past, Rodgers mentioned he was immunized.

“And that in all probability meant that he constructed his immune system up. I do not assume he was mendacity. He was simply saying pay attention, I obtained my physique in order that it may possibly combat. I believe he is a natural-minded individual,” mentioned Curry Chaudoir with Acupuncture & Holistic Well being Associates in Glendale.

We do not know specifics about Rodgers’ remedy, however Chaudoir says, “It was in all probability some treatment that triggered the immune system response that may put the physique in a greater state, to primary, combat the issue from occurring within the first place.”

An instance: Utilizing homeopathic poison ivy to deal with pores and skin circumstances that lead to circumstances just like poison ivy. 

“Homeopathic poison ivy in very minute dosages. One half poison ivy to actually hundreds of thousands of components of grain alcohol would then make it so the physique would combat poison ivy-like signs or poison ivy itself,” mentioned Chaudoir.

However is it efficient in stopping Covid-19? Medical docs say no.

“There aren’t any homeopathic remedies. There aren’t any particular herbs or potions which have been proposed for Covid, and issues even like medical medication, like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, simply do not work for the prevention of Covid. That is nicely established,” mentioned Dr. Gregory DeMuri, UW pediatric infectious illness specialist.

Dr. Demuri additionally challenges Rodgers’ use of the phrase “immunized.”

“The phrases do not make sense medically to a medical practitioner. Immunized and vaccinated imply the identical factor. We should always maintain our authorities to the usual that the vaccine is secure, however I believe after they do, and the scientific group determines that it is secure and efficient, then we now have to consider them,” mentioned Dr. DeMuri.

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