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Conservative management candidate Penny Mordaunt is dealing with criticism for her assist of homeopathy, another drugs which isn’t endorsed by the NHS.

On Friday, evaluation of parliamentary information and public feedback by The Guardian discovered that Ms Mordaunt has “repeatedly” expressed assist for homeopathy and has referred to as for NHS medical doctors to make use of it in observe.

In June 2010, she was certainly one of 16 supporters of a movement within the Home of Commons which criticised the British Medical Affiliation for withdrawing NHS assist for homeopathy.

In July 2014, she responded to criticism of homeopathy as a “bunkum drugs” in a Twitter trade, writing that she believes medical doctors “ought to have freedom to determine”.

A 2010 Home of Commons Science and Expertise Committee report discovered that homeopathic treatments carry out no higher than placebo therapies.

In 2017, NHS England mentioned it might now not fund homeopathy therapies, because it didn’t discover any proof for its effectiveness and subsequently couldn’t justify its value.

What’s homeopathy?

Homeopathy is another remedy methodology based mostly on a sequence of concepts developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, within the 1790s.

The remedy relies on a perception that “like cures like” – {that a} substance that causes sure signs may also treatment these signs.

One other precept relies round a strategy of “dilution and shaking”, referred to as succession, the NHS mentioned.

Underneath this precept, homeopathic treatments consist of drugs which were diluted many occasions in water till there may be none, or nearly none, of the unique substance left.

What does homeopathy ‘deal with’?

Homeopathy is used to ‘deal with’ a wide range of well being points, corresponding to allergic reactions, migraines, despair, irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.

Does homeopathy work?

Whereas there have been intensive research on the effectiveness of homeopathy, the NHS says it has discovered no good-quality proof that the observe is an efficient remedy for any well being situation.

The Committee’s 2010 report concluded that many homeopathic treatments are diluted to such an extent that it’s unlikely a single molecule of the unique substance stays.

Due to this fact, in circumstances like these, homeopathic treatments encompass nothing however water.

As of 2017, NHS England has beneficial that GPs and different prescribers ought to cease offering it as a remedy choice.

Is homeopathy carried out within the UK?

Homeopathy continues to be practiced privately within the UK, however it’s an unregulated observe.

Which means that anybody can observe as a homeopath, even when they don’t have any {qualifications} or expertise.

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