Wi-fi Software Protocol (WAP)? – All You Have to Know

WAP Protocol Stack

Particularly, it describes the completely different layers of communications and knowledge transmission related to the WAP mannequin:

1. Software Layer 

WML is a programming language that’s used for content material improvement and accommodates the Wi-fi Software Surroundings (WAE) and cellular machine specs.

2. Session Layer 

Wi-fi Session Protocol (WSP) represents the session layer. Wi-fi periods are suspended and reconnected shortly utilizing WSP.

3. Transaction Layer 

WTP (Wi-fi Transaction Protocol) and consumer datagram protocol (UDP) make up the transaction layer. Transaction assist is offered by this layer of TCP/IP.

4. Safety Layer

Throughout knowledge transmission, it gives knowledge integrity, privateness, and authentication by Wi-fi Transaction Layer Safety (WTLS).

5. Transport Layer

The Wi-fi Datagram Protocol (WDP) is a part of this layer. The WAP protocol stack advantages from a constant knowledge format.

WAP Primarily for Internet Content material

In essence, WAP is an utility for delivering Internet content material over wi-fi networks, that are characterised by low speeds and variable latency. Presently, the reminiscence limitations of handheld wi-fi gadgets stop caching from being very efficient in decreasing the quantity of knowledge downloaded.

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