Z690 Aorus Elite AX.. had a extremely onerous time getting this to publish for 1st time… needed to wait like 10 minutes after Q-Flash Plus

Properly on the upside my pc is now (lastly) working, Nonetheless has anybody else had this occur?

So I put this collectively yesterday afternoon… had the satan`s personal time making an attempt to mount the Thermalright Peerless Murderer 120 cooler…no critically possibly I used to be being dumb, however I’ve by no means had this a lot hassle mounting a cooler earlier than… after a lot aggravation hooked monitor, mouse keyboard , energy..and so forth up and turned pc on. NO publish.. boot and DRAM debug lights simply alternating crimson flashing… Incredible..

I ready a flash drive and carried out the q flash process and after 10 minutes the q flash button stopped and RGB motherboard lights got here on…(why does this silly factor have rgb and the way do I flip it off? meh doesn`t actually matter as it’s in my NZXT H630 case which fortunately has no case home windows.) Then it simply sat there with the crimson boot led lit strong…. lastly after half-hour turned it off and tried it once more…. nonetheless simply sat there.

So being a clever and accountable grownup, I turned it off, unplugged it, and went down the pub… with my mates… which was in all probability for one of the best.

This morning I made a decision after a latte to do that factor once more…. turned it on … no publish // turned it off unplugged it, plugged it again in powered it on and it began up after which restarted and restarted once more and (possibly 4 instances)… I used to be searching for data on my cellphone when after 10~ minutes all of the sudden I lastly see a publish display…

Every part appears fairly good temps are good efficiency is sweet, however this factor was an actual PIA to get to publish… possibly I simply wasn`t ready lengthy sufficient (a minimum of after qflash as a result of I feel I wanted to improve BIOS for my Corsair DDR5 5600???). I’ve by no means needed to wait 10~ minutes to get a publish earlier than.

Anybody else have one thing like this with LGA1700?

Behold my very crappy cable administration (additionally word extra stumbling block of forgetting to plug my RTX3070 in) ….I used to be fairly stoked about that.

(word cable leaning on fan is aforementioned forgotten video card energy cable… doh.)

Blah blah Specs:: i7-12700K / Z690 Aorus Elite AX / 32GB DDR5 5600 (corsair)/ RTX3070 FE / 2TB Samsung 980 Professional //and 4 different SSDs of varied varieties (and a 1 and 2TB mechanical drive).. Seasonic X750 Energy provide.

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