With the threat of such a major recession looming, many businesses are already preparing for the impacts to come. With TikTok, financial headlines clicking and market chatter, and those of us in the know among us beginning preparations for the next economic downturn, it’s also important for investors to understand how to protect themselves from a downturn.

Businesses tend to take a hit on income, individuals cut their spending to match their reduced income. All expected. Certain businesses and industries will thrive during these times. Whether it’s because of the nature of the services they offer, the options they offer consumers during tough times, or the adjustments they commit to making as the real recession unfolds.

Necessity retailers

When incomes fall, there is only so much spending that consumers can cut. In the midst of a recession, consumers still need to spend money on groceries, home repairs and children. Anyone planning to watch The Connors: Season 5 later this month knows that. Retailers that provide these products to consumers at affordable or discounted prices, such as Dollar Tree, are sure to succeed in the midst of a recession as consumers look to save on necessities whenever they can. By extension, the companies that provide basic products to these stores, say Kellogg’s

to Walmart, they will continue to see profits as demand for their products can only decrease so far.

Transportation and transportation of goods

Regardless of whether a particular good is considered a necessity or not, it will most likely need to be transported from one place to another at some point in its useful life. Companies that handle the transportation of necessary goods and commodities will continue to be needed in the midst of a recession. Although many people will travel less for pleasure, people will still need to go to work and essential goods must be transported to store shelves.

Health care

One of the things most people can’t cut back on is health. No matter your income, there is still a value to your health that is not easily reduced by a decrease in income. Organizations involved in healthcare operations will continue to be needed regardless of the state of the economy. Despite a looming recession, healthcare is not particularly threatened.

The starting point

The threat of a recession doesn’t have to be scary for businesses in all industries. There are some industries that remain essential even in the midst of an economic recession, such as healthcare, freight and food. Regardless of whether incomes fall or not, people will still need many of the same things, but they may choose to get them from cheaper sources in a recession.

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