August 20 update below. This post was originally published on August 18, 2022.

Apple’s next special event is just a few days away, if the new report is correct, and will take place on Wednesday, September 7.

That’s according to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who reported the date he believes is correct. To be fair, he was not the first to predict this date. Last week, Max Weinbach suggested that the conference will be held on September 7, not September 13 as previously reported. This means that the possible release date of the next iPhones, not to mention the three models of the Apple Watch and perhaps the next AirPods Pro, can also be presented in advance.

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August 20th update. What started as a mere report has turned into a hoax and is now on its way to a flood. Read on for the latest rumors and other details. I think I can guarantee you’ve never heard of the latest Apple rumors.

As well as Max Weinbach and Mark Gurman, there is now confirmation from Ming-Chi Kuo (as seen below). These balanced analysts got others involved. It has been extensively reviewed in the past by and is now a reliable source. MacRumors He said, “It’s not official, but it looks like we finally have a date for the iPhone 14 event, so mark your calendars and read up on some of the things we might see at the event.” The site also cited Gurman but added his own detail: “iPhone events are usually held on Tuesdays, but Monday, September 5 is Labor Day in the US, so Apple may have moved the event to Wednesday to provide a buffer for one day. . iPhone events have happened on Wednesday four times before. “

I would definitely agree with that. Although none of these sources say what the nature of the event will be like, I’m going to stick my neck out and say it will be a replica of the WWDC event held at Apple Park.

Likewise, 9 to 5 Mac He said, “Although nothing is confirmed, it is reasonable that this may be the best time for the company to introduce the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and more. Since WWDC 2022 has the experience of developing , it looks like the company will be able to bring this kind of experience to its September meeting, as a report says that Apple has already started recording the keynote.”

This report comes from Gurman, that the keynote recording started some time ago – a smart plan so that until the last minute, Apple can jump for a virtual event.

But I believe the key will be shown on a large outdoor exhibition in Apple Park, as happened at WWDC, while being simulcast on the web.

By the way, here’s something you may not have heard: before the broadcast, members of the press sit, sweating and applying sunscreen on the side of Caffe Macs, as the sun sets, wondering how they’ll survive the sun. day. one hour. The answer came when, a second or two before the 10AM start, the sun was too far away for the press rows to be in shadow. I’m not saying that Apple fixed the sun for doing this, but if another company could…

Anyway, here’s a tip: when the invitees leave, check to see if it’s the Steve Jobs Theater or just Apple Park. If the latter, it will be in the same location as WWDC (although perhaps the seating will be re-arranged to allow for different sunlight as we approach fall). Of course, it will be a small event because there will be no developers at this time.

As time goes on, more details will no doubt emerge so please check back as I’ll be covering them here on Forbes, but for now, read on for what we know so far.

August 19 update. Not long ago, a reliable Mark Gurman suggested that the date of the opening of this year’s iPhones will be on Wednesday, September 7, but an analyst who seems to have come into the matter.

Ming-Chi Kuo from TFI Securities yesterday commented, “The announcement/shipping date of the iPhone 14 may be ahead of the iPhone 13/12, which may be one of the reasons why Apple gave a positive outlook for 3Q22 from the call The last one was found.”

That’s a deep insight into the earnings call, and Kuo says the numbers Tim Cook and co predicted were partly because they knew iPhones would have an extra week of sales in the current quarter. The rest of us don’t know this because the expectations for the September 13 reveal are widespread.

This makes sense: the release of iPhones earlier could be a good thing for Apple’s sales, especially since traditionally, people stop buying iPhones in August, expecting the mid-September release of the new model. So, cutting this fall season by a week is good business practice.

Kuo continued, explaining that although this release is good for sales, it can be done to reduce the problems: “The risk of a global recession is still high and unpredictable, so the announcement/ iPhone shipments as soon as possible can reduce the impact of the recession risk. on demand.”

I am not satisfied with this, for the US market however there are signs that inflation may be cooling now so the reluctance to buy expensive products may be less than expected. That said, the sooner the better.

The possibility of the event being held in the week beginning September 5 is discounted, as it is regularly released a week later. And yet, Monday, September 5, is a holiday, so getting up in the workforce and press from all over the world for a break for an event on Tuesday, September 6, seems impossible.

Unless, that is, the meeting is virtual rather than in person. Gurman believes the meeting is being recorded, so there is a possibility of a virtual meeting.

Moving the date of the meeting (physical or in person) to Wednesday, although unprecedented, is unusual. But holding the meeting in person on Wednesday, September 7 will solve the problem of returning workers and visitors on a holiday.

But a virtual meeting? I got the idea behind this, and after that, Apple is careful about how it holds its products while Covid is not far in the rearview mirror.

However, I think Gurman is wrong when he says, “The company intends to broadcast the event online – instead of holding a meeting in person – continuing the process it followed at the beginning of the disease.”

In June, Apple held a very successful youth event, broadcasting a pre-recorded keynote on a large video screen at Apple Park to hundreds of developers, select guests, and press.

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If that’s possible then why not hold a youth conference now with a small guest list, because devs can’t be invited?

This event started with a live appearance from Tim Cook and Craig Federighi introducing the broadcast of the theme and it worked well. My guess, and it’s not much, is that this is the plan that Apple will follow next September when it announces new iPhones and so on.

Of course, we won’t know until the invitation goes out, and until the second they do, Apple may choose a virtual event only, something that I think will only consider if there is a sudden opening in the transmission of Covid in California. If that happens, then she has a pre-recorded key up her sleeve.

So, what does all this mean?

Whether the event is live or virtual, we expect it to happen on Wednesday, September 7 at 10AM Pacific, and the new iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods Pro will go on sale on Friday, September 16, I believe.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes out.

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