Apple’s 2022 flagship launch event could be just 120 days from today. The 2022 Apple event will see the new iPhone 14 series, possibly in the form of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year, as predicted, Apple could kill the ‘mini’ iPhone as the content of the world prefers a display of at least 6 inches which the smaller version of the iPhone does not have. Keeping both, the iPhone mini and the iPhone SE are pointless either.

Even though Apple’s launch event is almost four months away, we can still predict the four most talked about, expected features of the iPhone 14 series:

1: Apple may remove the notch display and instead go for a punch hole design in iPhones this year. On top of that people expect the trillion dollar company to provide a refresh rate of 120Hz as a standard variant. There is speculation that the display of the iPhone 14 series will be OLED in nature but in the higher models. There is a possibility that Apple may add a fingerprint in the iPhone 14 series.

2: Apple has kept the same camera specifications since the last three years. It started using dual rear cameras with the iPhone 11 and continued with the same lens in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 as well. Apple fans this year expect the iPhone 14 to bring changes. Most of the tech industry claims that the iPhone 14 series will have a 48MP main lens with two rear sensors. Of the two, one can be a wide-angle lens and the other can be a telephoto sensor. The selfie camera may go up to 16MP this year.

3: The Apple iPhone 14 series is confirmed to use the A16 Bionic, according to logic and tradition. A performance improvement can be achieved compared to the current A15 SoC. The world is waiting for iPhones to get 8GB RAM in 2022.

4: iPhone 14 battery list is not worth explaining either. Apple has always kept its phone battery under wraps and this year will be no different. As users, we only hope that Apple juices up the battery of its phone even more than 2022. Fast charging capacity is needed in the iPhone to surpass the competitors. There is talk that Apple may add a Type-C port to iPhones but for that we may have to wait until 2023.

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