Apple launched its new iPhone series on Wednesday (September 7) with new or improved features. The long-awaited launch reveals what the iPhone 14 will bring to users – Apple has debuted the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The new iPhone series has an improved camera and satellite messaging for emergencies and a new digital identification system to eliminate the need for a physical SIM card. Apple also launched a premium digital watch.

However, some users of the website complain that during the presentation of the 90-minute program at the company’s headquarters in California, the company did not include any surprises.

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After the launch, people have questions like; How good are the new iPhones? Are they worth the money? Should we upgrade existing iPhone?

Let’s take a look at how good the new iPhones are.

As expected, the new phones come with better cameras, sensors, faster processors, and longer battery life.

At this time, Apple even leans into safety technology such as the “Emergency SOS” function. It will allow users to ask for help when they are in remote areas without a wireless connection.

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There is also a motion sensor that can detect serious car accidents and connect directly to emergency services.

Security as a service is attractive as a value proposition, but is it enough to attract buyers?

Santosh Rao, a technology analyst, said, “It’s good to have all these features, but it’s not enough to just throw everything away and go out and buy a new phone.”

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In particular, the iPhone 14 is not a bad phone, but it is interesting as, for many years, Apple’s new iPhones are often enhanced and this year’s models are no exception.

Tech experts believe that innovation, which was once considered a hallmark of Apple, is missing in the new iPhones and they simply lack the ‘wow’ factor.

So, for some users, Apple’s new iPhones are worth the upgrade. But you can avoid upgrading if your iPhone is less than two years old.

At times, when Apple’s main rival Samsung is innovating with foldable phones, Apple is still making progress.

Apart from iPhone 14, Apple watch ultra is also creating a lot of buzz. It is a durable watch and designed for outdoor enthusiasts. But at $799, it’s expensive.

Bob O’Donnell, a tech analyst said, “Sure the Watch Ultra is expensive, but look, it’s not for everyone, right? Big deal.”

“They didn’t mention the cost of the marine equipment – I’m sure they won’t be cheap. However, desktop computers are expensive enough to have this capability as a possibility that would certainly be attractive to some group. people, and, if you are a runner or an ultra-marathoner, then this kind of stuff will be cool, but this is a small part of the population,” he said.

The latest offerings from Apple seem to be incremental improvements rather than new innovations. Let’s see if the iPhone maker can drive demand by convincing users to upgrade.


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