Axis Bank employees who work remotely have reportedly been given better evaluations in the form of higher performance ratings and promotions. According to a report in ETNow, the private lender has claimed that its employees who work from anywhere have been identified ‘well’ in the assessment.

While Axis Bank has not released any benchmarks to show the results of the evaluation season, it has said that its remote workers have received better pay compared to the general population. An ETNow report quotes Axis Bank President and CEO Rajkamal Vempati as saying that the remote working group has held against working in a hybrid space, as ‘confirmed in annual reviews.’

One of the main reasons behind these excellent ratings has been Axis Bank’s ‘GIG-A Opportunities,’ a platform for alternative career designs. As the goal is to attract the best talent pool, the model claims to embrace a ‘work from anywhere’ style for the convenience of employees in this dynamic space.

In 2020, Axis Bank also said that in the next three years, it is targeting up to 15 percent additional recruitment in alternative work models. So far, about 30 percent of its employees can be considered eligible for alternative and new working models, the report said.

According to a Times of India (TOI) report, Vempati also mentioned that lower slack and higher performance have been observed in this alternative work arrangement. In addition, several freelancers have also made a significant contribution towards the results, especially with the help of effective time management and remote leaders.

While companies like Axis Bank are taking steps to embrace the remote working model, there are others like IT giant Wipro who are trying to call their employees back to work from office settings. Regardless of the work order, this debate is still ongoing.

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