Axis Communications announces the AXIS W101 Body Worn Camera. Calling the new wearable device, “a body-worn camera for everyone”, Axis Communications has created a body-worn camera that makes the benefits of body-worn recording technology available to a wide range of industries and new markets. AXIS W101 is available in two colors – optional white and black for when blocking is a priority – making it compatible with more applications. The integrated mobile app for field viewing and tagging makes it ideal for anyone who wants quick and easy access to video.

The camera offers improved picture and sound quality with sharp images in every frame and clear sound with noise suppression. It delivers more natural colors and less noise in low-light scenes with enhanced contrast and sharpness, and ensures less motion blur thanks to shorter shutter speeds. It also has an improved mounting surface for stability records in any condition. In addition, the voice enhancer adds audio content to audible speech.

Compared to its predecessor, AXIS W101 supports more GNSS systems including GPS, Glonass and Galileo and offers improved location tracking. Featuring a large and easy-to-reach button, it starts recording with one touch. Additionally, it saves up to 90 seconds before activation so that the entire event is captured. Based on open standards, this body-worn camera provides easy integration with AXIS Camera Center and AXIS Diagnostic Insights as well as third-party VMS and EMS, on-site or in the cloud.

Key features include:

  • Always sharp video and clear sound
  • Working time up to 17 hours
  • The KlickFast system
  • Location monitoring
  • 3 years warranty

This affordable camera has a working time of up to 17 hours and more than 12 hours in 1080p. Charges on the go with any USB-C charger. Axis Zipstream technology makes it possible to store as many images as needed without compromising video quality. AXIS W101 complies with FBI standards for network security and end-to-end encryption. Additionally, Axis Edge Vault protects the Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on the network.

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