Mauricio Sulainn always defended Canelo Lvarezeven when he lost to Bivol, he came out to stop criticism, but now his words have changed a bit, and the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC) assured that there is no friendship for the boxer within the organization. .

Canelo has sparked controversy in recent days with his refusal to fight David Benavidez, and Sulaiman immediately denied that the WBC cared about Canelo.

“Benavides took advantage of the opportunity to win the interim title because he knows how many fights Canelo will have this year,” he said at a conference at WBC headquarters.

The WBC has no favorites, not Canelo or anyone else.

Mauricio Sullainn explained how “favoritism” Canelo Lvarez has within the WBC, which is based on his preferential treatment for his great career in professional boxing, but he denies that this is exclusive to Sal, as he remembers what happened to all the great historical champions of the council.

“Obviously, Canelo has taken credit for his great trajectory, the same way Mayweather had it, the same way (Julio Czar) Chvez had it, the same way Muhammad Ali broke it without breaking the rules. […] Now let’s see what comes next in the division,” he said.

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