The is a retired undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. said that he does not think so in his last interview Sugar Ray Leonard should be considered the best welterweight since he lost Roberto Duranthat he referred to them as light weight.

“Money” Mayweather made this statement during an interview with FightHype, and although he didn’t reveal his ranking or number on the list, he believes he should be higher.

However, he recognized his career and achievements Sugar Ray Leonard.

“Like I said before, he was the guy that paved the way for me. But how can you have a guy that’s No. 1 when his first loss was to Roberto Duran?”

Mayweather talked about other fighters like Marquez and Pacquiao

Mayweather explained that the rating also talks about Juan Manuel Marquez and how the talk about him being too young to fight him, but he doesn’t think they have the same criteria when they talk about Marquez against Pacquiao .

He then went on to criticize Pacquiao, considering his loss to the Mexican fighter ranked third.

“The same guy, Marquez, knocked them out at No. 3 at welterweight because they had Pacquiao No. 3. He got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.”

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