Meveryone thinks that after its poor performance Gennady Golovkin gave when he faced Canelo Alvarez A few weeks ago, a Kazakh fighter had to retire and save himself from possible embarrassment after reaching the age of 40 and his sport appearing to be on the decline.

BOXING: Super Middleweight: Canelo vs. Golovkin

Even if Canelo took WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF super middleweight titles, GGG still in possession IBF and WBA middleweight championship belt.

And World Boxing Association ordered Golovkin to accept his next opponent.

Gennady Golovkin’s next fight

In WBA Championship Committee the super-middleweight champion commanded Gennady Golovkin to enter a mandatory fight against it Erislandi Laradue to the reduction of their world title.

The association has given both fighters a month to reach an agreement on the fight, but that deadline expires on October 23.

In World Boxing Association allowed earlier GGG to move up to the division so that he can face it Canelo Alvarez in September, on the condition that he should return to middleweight and move up Erislandi Lara fight, with the winner of the crown WBA champion at 160 pounds.

This is because WBA The rules state that the champion must defend his title against an official opponent within 120 days of winning the title and Golovkin On April 9, after the victory, he won this title Ryota Murataso this period ended on August 8.

If the two fighters do not reach an agreement by October 23rd, then the fight will be put up for auction and the revenue split will be 75% for GGG and 25% for the Cuban boxer.

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