Awho apparently could not negotiate the terms of the fight against them Anthony Joshuanow it looks like this Tyson Fury once again aimed at teasing Alexander Usyk in the hope that he will fight for WBC Heavyweight Championship from the world

Tyson Fury calls Oleksandr Usyk a “midget” in his latest sparring videoTwitter: @MichaelBenson

Tyson Fury teases Alexander Usyk in his latest sparring video

In the 13 second video Tyson Fury appears to be sparring with the kid he kept calling out to him Usikhe has been very critical of her for the past few months ukrainian size, said that he is a bigger middleweight, not a heavyweight.

“Come on Usyk, look at Usyk, come on Usyk, little one” Anger can be heard running away from a small child.

In British then gave a sort of battle cry to the camera.

Manager Usyk, Aegis Klimashe said recently talkSPORT that if the fight against Fury doesn’t happen, it won’t be because of them because they are ready and want the fight 100%.

Tyson Fury said his next opponent will be announced this week

Tyson Fury will continue to fight 3 December 2022 in Cardiffand WBC heavyweight champion has confirmed that his opponent will be announced this week.

Although many people want to see Anger to fight Anthony Joshua or Alexander Usykit seems that if “The Gypsy King” next fight against Mahmoud Char or Derek Chisorawho seems to have taken the lead and is the chosen opponent.

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