Titi Motusaga (left) performs with fellow Kiwi standout David Nika (right) in Melbourne. Photos / Photosport

When the opportunity came, Titi Motusaga responded.

The rising cruiserweight was at a training camp in August when his trainer approached him with a fight offer.

It was on the undercard for the undisputed lightweight clash between Devin Haynie and George Cambosos Jr in Melbourne – against fellow Kiwi David Naika.

Motusaga did not waste time and explained his thoughts to his coach.

“He asked how I felt about fighting David. “I was like, ‘David’? and he said Nika. I was like, ‘Yo, come on,'” Motusaga recalls.

It was the kind of response his coach hoped he would get, as he was told afterward that if he was afraid of the game, his team would turn it down.

“I just saw it as an opportunity to get my name out there, get a little more exposure and just make a statement. Who wouldn’t want to be on that Cambosos card? I can’t wait.”

Motusaga, who trains out of a kickboxing gym in Auckland, won the fight in August and quickly turned his attention to the opportunity ahead.

After turning professional in early 2021, Motusaga has a 4-0 record and is on a three-fight winning streak – a record similar to Nyika.

The fight in Melbourne is not the first time the two have fallen out. Motusaga says that he and Nika were in the past, in 2016, when Motusaga fought alone in corporate battles.

“He taught me a lesson,” he says. “But that was years ago.

“That was the only time I went round; I only did two rounds with him and…yeah, it was a good eye.”

The fight against Nika will be a big step up in the competition for Motusaga, who has yet to face an opponent with a winning record. While Nyika has had the stronger schedule, Motusaga faces possibly the toughest test of his career to date.

While he is aware of his opponent’s rules, Motusaga says he is excited to test his mettle against such a strong opponent and prove his abilities on the big stage.

“When you’re boxing, a lot of people don’t get that opportunity,” he says. “Sometimes it takes a while before you get on cards like that, so I thought I’d take it and run with it. Five years from now, I don’t want to look back and say I should have fought that fight. I would accept. ; let’s start it.

“David has done so much for New Zealand boxing. Double Commonwealth gold, Olympic bronze – he was even our flag bearer – he’s done so much; credit to him. But I’m looking forward to the challenge. I know he’s going to be better than the people I’ve fought before. I’m not giving credit to these guys, but I know he’s on another level and I’m here to prove that I’m on that level too. “

Also appearing on the card, which will be broadcast free-to-air by TVNZ, is Motusaga’s fellow City kickboxing heavyweight Hemi Ahio.

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