Tshe WBC announced today that it will create a special commemorative belt – the Belt of Elizabeth – that will be awarded to the winner of the historic world champion fight. Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall 15 October 2022 at The O2 Arena in London.

Celebrating seventy years of the glorious reign of Queen Elizabeth II and commemorating the Monarch for the ages, the importance of this symbolic “Phillip” will reward the greatest champion of women’s boxing and further enhance the dignity of women’s boxing.

The Elizabethan belt will be tastefully and respectfully designed, yet elegant, befitting both the majesty of the woman in whose name and image it was created, as well as the importance of the women’s boxing tournament, which will undoubtedly include the Shields vs. Marshall Middleweight main event. World championship.

Boxing, whose modern rules were laid down by the Marquess of Queensbury, is a cherished part of British sporting tradition, so much so that it is known as the Nobel Art. The Queen’s father, George VI, was an ardent fan of boxing. He rejoiced in Randolph Turpin’s victory against himself Sugar Ray Robinsoncompletely absorbed and attached to the popular radio transmission.

Following His Majesty’s death and the passing of the baton/torch from era to era, a number of sporting events the length and breadth of Britain have been respectfully set aside and postponed, including a card titled Claressa Shields vs. Savannah Marshall and Michaela Mayer vs. Alicia Baumgardner.

Follow up Queen Elizabeth who passed away at the age of 96, ten days of official and solemn national mourning began. Few Britons have known another monarch in their lifetime and wanted to say goodbye to her in a way that matches the incredible legacy she has left for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the world.

Now, after an appropriate period of respect and reflection, it has been announced that October 15 will be the new date for these two historic women’s world title fights at The O2 Arena in London.

WBC, WBA and IBF middleweight champion Claressa Shields (12-0, 2KO) and WBO champion Savannah Marshall (12-0, 10KO)will meet in a long-awaited fight for the undisputed championship at 160 pounds, while in the main support fight Alicia Baumgardner, the WBC super heavyweight champion, will take on the IBF and WBO champion Mikaela Mayer.

The rest of the card features exciting matches featuring many talented boxers, including many Olympians – 2020 Olympic gold medalist Lauren Price, 2020 Olympic bronze medalist Karris Artingstall, Caroline Dubois, who last summer in Tokyo fought for Great Britain. as well as 2020 USA Olympian Ginny Fuchs.

WBC president Mauricio Sullain said: “Queen Elizabeth II will remain in our hearts forever and minds, the world of boxing unites to honor one of the greatest men ever born here.”

Ben Shalom, CEO and founder of BOXXER, said: “It is a wonderful tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, and will be a major boxing event. We are very grateful and proud to work with Mauricio Sullainn and WBC. Elizabeth’s belt provides a special extra incentive for both fighters – and this amazing and memorable championship will provide the perfect legacy for the winner.”

Dimitriy Salita, founder of the former Professional Fighter & Salita Promotions, stated: “As the first of its kind in a women’s sporting event, we look back at the story and personality of Queen Elizabeth, who has shown in an ever-evolving world what it means to lead with class. I I am grateful to the president Mr. Sulaiman and the World Boxing Council, because this belt remembers the bond of outstanding women in and out of the ring.

We are humbled to share this tribute to one of the greatest women who ever lived and with Boxxer promotions, but most importantly with Shields and Marshall “United States and Great Britain Honor Queen Elizabeth II in Eternal Memory”.

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