Floyd Mayweather became the richest boxer in the world. However, despite retiring from the sport in 2017, he still took part in fights that earned him money in the short term but hindered his legacy in the sport.


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This has led many to question whether Mayweather really needs the money to support his extravagant lifestyle. YouTube podcaster True Geordie seemed to have the same question when he revealed that Mayweather once asked for $10,000 to appear on his podcast.

“I once asked to get Floyd Mayweather on a podcast, you know. That’s what made me wonder about his finances. I thought, ‘You know, I’ll ask,’ and I got through a friend of a friend of I passed it. I got quoted ten grand to have him on the podcast.he said.

Furthermore, he claimed that if Mayweather was rich, he shouldn’t have demanded the $10,000 that Jordy didn’t pay. ยป If you have a lot of money, why are you telling me ten gangs? I just think that everything is worth it with him and maybe it’s just him being smart. But I didn’t pay it.” he added.

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However, fans didn’t seem to agree with the YouTuber as they thought $10,000 was more than a fair price for Mayweather on his podcast.

Fans demanded $10,000 for Floyd Mayweather

One fan was surprised that Mayweather only asked for $10,000, which seemed cheap to him. “Was surprised it wasn’t much tbh, it looks cheap. ” wrote

Another fan rightly pointed out that $10,000 for two hours was a great value to watch Mayweather for a few hours, who had gotten way more in his fights, which were only a few minutes long. “10k for a few hours is cheap for a guy who made millions in fights that lasted less time.” she wrote

One fan asked if Jordy expected him to do the podcast for free and the $10,000 might be to cover Mayweather’s team expenses. “Why did the podcast expect him to do this for free? 10k is nothing. Maybe it was even to cover the salaries of his teams.” wrote

However, a fan expressed that he felt bad for Mayweather, who he said spent more time clicking pictures with money than with his family and friends. He shares more photos of himself and his money than he does with family or friends. I almost feel bad for him…almost, not really. “ wrote

July 10, 2022; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather smiles during the NBA Summer League game between the Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Thomas and Mac St. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-TODAY Sports

The fans seem to think that someone of Mayweather’s status should demand more money to appear on shows. However, Jordi feels that he should ask for less money because he is the richest boxer in the world and he doesn’t need it.

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