Former four-weight champion Adrien Broner challenged UFC veteran Nate Diaz to a fight after his UFC contract expired.


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The boxer synonymous with controversy took to Instagram on Friday and shared a poster featuring two photos: one featuring him and the other Nate Diaz.


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The title says @natediaz209 you come to boxing I’ll give you everything you’re looking for #LETSGETIT.”

As soon as this went viral on the Internet, it caught the attention of fans.

How did fans react to the Adrien Broner vs. Nate Diaz poster?

One fan wrote, “Stop playing bro. You were my favorite fighter, bring #CanMan back.”

Another fan added, “A press conference would be better than a fight.”

It’s worth noting that both Diaz and Broner are good at trash talking and have the charisma to draw the attention of fans. So the events surrounding this supposed show will be interesting.


“confused guy do you want to box or not this will be the next post i need to work on blah blah blah” added another fan.

Another fan wrote, “Stop it, you refused the last battle.”

Another fan wrote, “Oh God, just retire at this point.”

Another fan shared, “She better not hit you or you’re going to have to pack it up.”

“That’s a good idea.” wrote another social media user.

Another fan wrote, “Bruh stop chasing prestige and get back in the ring, you’re going to beat me.”

Another fan wrote, “He wants to be a lot like Floyd.”

Why did Broner invite Diaz to the contest?

After winning his last fight at UFC 279 against another UFC legend, Tony Ferguson, Diaz made his boxing debut. He has already been called out by social media personality Jake Paul for years.


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With this in mind, Broner openly challenged him on social media. This 33-year-old man has been out of the ring for more than a year. His last fight was in February 2021. Earlier this year, he was scheduled to return against Omar Figueroa Jr. However, this fight did not come to fruition, as he withdrew from the competition due to mental health problems.

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