Man orders iPhone 13 on Flipkart gets iPhone 14 instead Photos TwitterAshwin Hegde DigitalSphereT

Man orders iPhone 13 on Flipkart, receives iPhone 14 instead | Photo Credit: Twitter/Ashwin Hegde (@DigitalSphereT)

Photo: Twitter


  • An unidentified customer ordered the 128 GB variant of the iPhone 13.
  • The box he received said it was an iPhone 14.
  • Many on Twitter wondered why it didn’t continue to improve.
Part-way through the festive season, online shopping platforms are already garnering complaints of faulty products from customers. Flipkart, one of India’s leading e-commerce companies, has been in the news for some of its mergers.

The flurry is a result of huge holiday sales (regular prices are re-branded as discounts) that entice consumers to fall for good deals and electronics are the main attraction of these offers.

However, while customers have taken to social media to complain about receiving strangely unrelated products instead of their original models, one man seems to have hit the jackpot when he got an iPhone 14 instead of an iPhone 13 he would have given the order.
A viral tweet appeared to reveal details of what was expected. According to the picture shown of the summary of the order, the person bought the 128 GB version of Apple iPhone 13. Another picture shows the iPhone 14 box given to the customer who confirmed it when it was delivered.

While many on the internet compared the “lucky” incident to winning the lottery, many others jokingly suggested that it had something to do with the similarities of the upcoming iPhone models.

“iPhone 13 and 14 looks like Flipkart mistook 14 for 13 and delivered that instead of the 13 he ordered,” said one.

“So even Flipkart knows[s] It’s the same phone,” a user tweeted.

Given how rare these dangerous developments are, one may be tempted to hold on to the product that was delivered in error. However, as experts have pointed out, inconsistencies between the billing/order information and the actual product may result in ineligibility for warranty claims.

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