Floyd Mayweather claims that Deji doesn’t know who he is, Tyson Fury is likely to face Derek Chisora ​​and Conor Benn will face a 4 year prison sentence in the future, entered the boxing news cycle today.

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#3. Floyd Mayweather claims that he does not know Deji

Before his third exhibition, Floyd Mayweather made an interesting claim. One would assume that before a fight, one would know who their opponent is, but that is not the case with Mayweather.

During the recent interview with TMZ Sports, Floyd Mayweather claimed he “doesn’t really know Deji.” Interestingly, ‘Money’ is set to hit the YouTuber next month on November 13. He said:

“I don’t really know Deji, they just called me by name. And, my team did their homework and we said, ‘Why not?’ Let’s enjoy ourselves. I’m sure he’s a tough competitor, a tough guy.”

Chances are it’s Mayweather taking a dig at the YouTuber. As everyone already knows, this is a wrap for Degist. If he can survive the first round against “Money,” he’ll earn every penny in what is expected to be a huge payday.

Watch Floyd Mayweather’s interview below:

#2. Tyson Fury is the likely future of Derek Chisora

Tyson Fury has been struggling to find an opponent for his comeback for some time now. While at one point a mega fight against Anthony Joshua seemed imminent, the fight ultimately fell off the schedule. However, it looks like Fury has finally been able to lock up his opponent for his return on December 3rd.

According to Michael Benson on Twitter, Tyson Fury will most likely face Derek Chisora ​​in a trilogy fight on December 3rd in Cardiff. Boxing journalist said:

“Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora ​​III is now reportedly the ‘frontrunner’ for Fury’s next fight. The pair are said to have agreed terms for Fury’s WBC world title fight on December 3 in Cardiff.”

‼️ Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora ​​III is now the “leading contender” for Fury’s next fight. The pair are said to have agreed terms to meet for Fury’s WBC world title on December 3 in Cardiff. [According to @TelegraphSport] https://t.co/Ycy0tkQofu

#1. Conor Benn can be disqualified for 4 years

Ahead of his highly anticipated fight against Chris Eubank Jr, Conor Benn has tested positive for the banned substance clomiphene. A positive drug test ultimately led to the cancellation of the fight, and it looks like things are about to get even worse for The Destroyer.

‼️ Conor Benn’s positive VADA drug test for clomiphene is now being officially investigated by UKAD. It said Benn could face up to four years in prison unless he can prove his innocence or offer mitigating circumstances. [According to @MailSport]

According to recent reports, the matter is being officially investigated by UKAD (UK Anti-Doping) and if Conor Benn cannot prove his innocence, he could be banned for up to 4 years. While Benn has claimed to be a clean fighter, the investigation sheds some much-needed light on the situation.

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