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September is Apple’s busiest month, and this time it shook the Apple Watch, showed the world how it should be done, and left the device last year in the iPhone 14.

Apple has come a long way since Steve Jobs would name a product by choosing from a list of his PR companies. You will not be surprised now if you learn that there is a whole area in Apple Park, which is dedicated to fame.

Then sometimes you wonder if there is another section, whose job is to see what everyone thinks the product should be called – and change it if necessary.

There have been changes to Apple’s name for legal reasons, such as iTV becoming Apple TV because of the UK broadcaster of the same name. And maybe the Macintosh SE/30 would sell better if it went with what would be a meaningful future name, sex.

But there is also an iWatch that has turned into an Apple Watch. And there is iMusic which became iTunes last time. This could be worse, it could be iPop-ing.

And the most interesting, there is the word Slate, which everyone is sure that Apple will call the iPad that they hastened to start using the word.

In September 2022, many people are sure that Apple will release the iPhone 14 Max. Perhaps the name he ended up with, iPhone 14 Plus, made a lot of sense in the lineup and from what Apple has given to flagship phones in the past.

Apple's website is full of iPhone 14 Max leaks

Apple’s website is full of iPhone 14 Max leaks

However, confirmation about the word Max is not limited to people outside of Apple. Even after its launch, even after you can order the iPhone 14 Plus, it turns out that Apple’s website is full of hidden references to the iPhone 14 Max.

Attention to detail

Never underestimate what an incredible job it is to create, maintain, and update Apple’s website. Making millions of new iPhones every year must be difficult, but Apple doesn’t just pull off both, it sweats the details on everything, and that’s what makes it work.

Except for these wrong website references.

And in addition to bugs and inconsistencies and rough edges in this month it released iOS 16. The latest betas of macOS Ventura and rough times where things just don’t seem as polished as usual, but at least Ventura is still in beta .

New products

Still, iOS 16 wobbles and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shakes aside, this is the biggest and most anticipated month of Apple’s year. In one move, Apple launched:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • AirPods Pro 2
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Ultra

If you were to buy the base model of each of these, it would cost you $5,492. It is difficult to determine what it will cost to buy the most expensive models of each since Apple Watches come with an array of expensive bands.

But to buy the larger-than-life, larger editions of each of these together, you’ll need at least $8,232 in your pocket.

It’s still true, incidentally, that Apple Watches have a confusing range of band options, but the new Apple Watch Ultra is actually the easiest watch to buy to date. In addition to being the most expensive in the range at $ 799, the Apple Watch Ultra ships in the same case for the same price, and there is only a GPS version.

Apple Watch Ultra for extreme sports people, and YouTubers

Apple Watch Ultra for extreme sports people, and YouTubers

It also comes with the idea that it will be bought only by climbers who want to dive in the right moments. Apple will never tell us how many units were made or sold, so you can’t really measure success, but of the new models, the Apple Watch Ultra is one of the few that will sell They are fast and order for weeks.

And it certainly can’t just be that all YouTubers are buying into those who are trying to destroy them. Not when they do it with the new iPhone collision detection.

Hit and maybe miss

Although we will never see the exact figure, it looks like the new, larger iPhone 14 Plus could not catch up. Last year it was the iPhone 13 mini that was reported to be a flop that was canceled, it will be interesting to see what Apple is trying in the iPhone 15 range.

There is a definite Goldilocks effect, though. The iPhone 13 mini is too small, the iPhone 14 Plus is too big, but the iPhone 14 is just right.

But it didn’t make the world shine, either. And it shouldn’t. If you don’t have an iPhone already, the iPhone 14 is the best one to get, but if you have any kind of iPhone 13, then it’s not.

This is the first year in a while that Apple has made only minimal changes to the regular iPhone. It’s also probably the first time Apple has left last year’s processor in this base model, reserving the new one for the Pro model.

It’s not like many, or maybe even any, of the millions of iPhone 14 buyers will think about the controller. And it doesn’t mean that the phone is slow.

But it seems to mean you need to think twice before paying between $799 and $1,099 for the iPhone 14. And it looks like people are thinking twice.

Divide the camp

This trade-off of having an older processor in the base model and a new one in the Pro edition makes this classification much easier. In a year where there is not much to distinguish the iPhone 14 range from the iPhone 13 one, there is at least this clear water between the base and Pro versions.

Maybe that is the real reason why Apple did it, in this case it is possible that the company is planning to continue doing it with the range of iPhone 15. Or it could be something related to the shortage of chips in the world, maybe with the available features of the new device it is not so hot.

If there is going to be a gap between products, though, it should be wide. During the launch, Apple was very specific about how it chose to compare the new A16 Bionic with the A13 Bionic of 2019, but it was not enough.

The map that shows how the best A16 Bionic surpasses the A13 Bionic has a small flaw that actually looks like new is about five percent faster. And it’s a big flaw that you know right away Apple says that because there’s a slight difference between this A16 Bionic and last year’s A15 chip.

Where the differences count

The Apple Watch Ultra sold out quickly, and so did the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Unlike the iPhone 14 Pro, the Max version slides straight to the background literally before Apple’s home page has even finished loading.

Apple would have you believe that this is the best smartphone ever made, and you’d have to be a serious Android fanatic to disagree. DisplayMate tried to put some statistics on how good the display is on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and ended up having to change the scale to accommodate it.

But then there are a lot of Android fans who, frankly, will never go for this phone because it runs iOS. And there are iOS fans who will never go for the iPhone 14 Pro Max because it’s a great phone.

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max

Which you have to ignore the fans of Android, maybe even as you pointed out that there are now more iPhones in use in the states than all Android phones combined. Then you can show everyone what could be the sweet spot in the range – the iPhone 14 Pro.

For the balance of features, price, and the ability to use at least half of its functions with one hand, the iPhone 14 Pro is the winner. Unless you have an iPhone 13 Pro, in which case you must really, really want the new Dynamic Island.

Fortunately, everyone loves the new Dynamic Island. Including Android users.

Watching the cameras

Many also like the 48-megapixel camera in the two Pro models. For years, Apple has been saying that 48mp isn’t the important thing, but what you do with the megapixels you’ve got.

To be fair, Apple still says size doesn’t matter. Until then, by default, it hides the ability to shoot in 48mp, and if you do, it wants to process that up to 12mp shots.

When you shoot ProRAW 48mp, though, the results are excellent. It’s so good that it’s worth how long these shots last until you can bring sandwiches.

It’s good

The quiet sound in the new AirPods Pro 2 is very good, too. Visually there haven’t been many updates since the first AirPods Pro, so if you’re more concerned about looks than anything else, you can continue to use the old ones without anyone noticing.

If you’re into sound quality, though, or you’ve had your original long enough to see the inevitable battery drain, then the AirPods Pro 2 is better.

They’re also making the world sound better through noise cancellation, and the new Digital Intelligence — which may or may not be coming to the original AirPods Pro in an update.

It’s not all about product launches

September will be remembered for everything Apple released, but there is also the usual attention to everything it didn’t. In addition there is an unusual attention to the Apple Car, which the new study listed as being rated by drivers – although it does not exist.

More than the Apple car doesn’t exist, Apple still doesn’t believe that one can exist. So it is very interesting that Apple is associated with quality which is the reason why car drivers already rate it so highly.

It’s almost as if Apple doesn’t need advertising, as word of mouth is getting stronger. But Apple has never been shy about advertising, and this month it was announced that it is expanding its advertising campaigns.

This is how he sells ad space to other companies, and the questions are about how much he sells. Also, how much Apple profits from its privacy, which hurts the profits of others, like Facebook.

But for all this, Apple is a business, and an incredibly successful one, still not sold, sold, sold. On September 8, Apple completely abandoned its website and replaced it with a tribute to the British Queen Elizabeth II.

Apple changed the homepage of its website to commemorate the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Apple changed the homepage of its website to commemorate the death of Queen Elizabeth II

When she was born, the telephone was 50 years old. The first satellite was not launched until she was 32 – about six years after she came to power. And yet when it dies, each of us can hold a satellite-connected phone.

Or we can if we live in America and Canada. And if we get the preorder on time.

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