Apple iPhone 14 leaks have already revealed the range will include a new design for Pro models and large rear cameras. But now new information claims that they will come with huge price tags as well.

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The famous consultant LeaksApplePro has published a new website breaking down the prices of each type of iPhone 14, and the gamble that Apple will make to ensure the highest price.

According to LeaksApplePro, the main spoiler is the new iPhone 14 Max – a 6.7-inch model that will replace the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini. This presentation will see Apple replace the small phone of $ 699 with the giant $ 899, which changes the range. The result is that the iPhone 14 becomes the cheapest model in the new line and there is a knock-on effect on the Pro models:

  • iPhone 14 – $799 (iPhone 13: $799)
  • iPhone 14 Max – $899 (iPhone 13 Mini: $699)
  • iPhone 14 Pro – $1099 (iPhone 13 Pro: $999)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max – $1199 (iPhone 13 Pro Max: $1099)

LeaksApplePro also warned that the $1099 price of the iPhone 14 Pro is a “best case” scenario with Apple likely to price Pro products even higher. “As I’ve been saying all year, Apple plans to differentiate the Pro from the non-functional iPhones, including their prices,” the analyst said.

And what about the price argument? As many leaks have already revealed, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will again use the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 range. To get closer to this price / performance split, LeaksApplePro says that Apple will simply redesign the A15 chip as the A16. “And that’s not all,” said the spy. “Apple plans to use what the company wants to be the A16 in its ‘pro’ iPhones and call it the A16 Pro.”

Why is Apple making this decision? Less chips. “Apple and its partners are struggling to produce all the A16 and M2 chips they need, and they have to prioritize one of them, and that will be the M2,” LeaksApplePro said.

If it is true, then it can be understood from the perspective of logic. this decision is very dangerous. The only downside is that Apple may use the iPhone 13 Pro version of the A15 chip (which has 6GB RAM Vs 4GB in the iPhone 13) for the standard iPhone 14 model. Even then, this chip is still called the ‘A15’ in all Apple ads. The iPhone 14 schematics also show the same visual design making even the name ‘iPhone 13S’ difficult to decipher.

For iPhone 14 Pro users, however, 2022 will be a big year for the redesign. Apple is determined to widen the gap between Pro and non-Pro models, as it has already done with Pro and non-Pro MacBooks and iPads and, soon, Macs.

This all makes sense from a marketing and business perspective, but for millions of iPhone enthusiasts it may prove a tough pill to swallow.


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