The iPhone 14 is a great smartphone in almost every way. It has a great screen, fast performance, amazing software and some of the best cameras at this price. It shines when paired with an Apple Watch or AirPods, and the build quality strikes a good balance between weight and bulk. After testing, we think it is probably the best phone we recommend to you don’t do it rush to buy.

Expecting a big change compared to last year’s iPhone 13 series leads to disappointment. There are a number of minor updates – including a video mode that boosts productivity and a tamper detection feature we hope you’ll never need – but the list of similarities with the previous model is longer – including screen size, processor, water resistance . rating, megapixel count and design.

Should you upgrade? Anyone with an iPhone 13 (or even an iPhone 12) isn’t missing out on much by not picking up the new model. Anyone coming from an old iPhone – or making the switch from Android to iOS for the first time – will have a lot to love, although we consider the iPhone 14 Pro to be the best option if you can stretch the budget due to its better cameras , the controller and the beautiful new “Dynamic Island”. Want big faces? You might want to check out the larger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 14 details

Screen size: 6.1 inches
Establishment: 2532 x 1170 pixels
Schedule: iOS 16
The controllerDownload: A15
Camera: 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide
Battery life: Up to 20 hours
Adana: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
RAMyou: 6GB
Weightyou: 172g
Water resistance: Yes, IP68
Micro SD card slot: No

iPhone 14 design

There’s no doubt from us, the iPhone 14 is pretty cool – just like its last two predecessors. Like the spec sheet, little has changed in the looks department and most people will struggle to tell the difference at a glance.

Still, the aluminum/glass quality feels well worth the price (although it’s £100 extra in the UK this year) and the handset is sturdy but lightweight, while the buttons have a pleasant click when pressed. The position remains, and we can’t help but feel that it’s a shame the new Dynamic Island technology that allows iOS apps to use this space for alerts and notifications isn’t in the base design. To do this, you have to go Pro.

We tested the blue version and have no complaints about the color – it’s really nice and stands out compared to the Pixel 6 we used to use as our daily driver.

It also comes in purple, black (midnight), white (starlight) and red, though you’ll want to invest in a quality case to protect the glasses from scratches or bumps. While the dimensions are almost the same, the new phone is slightly thicker than the previous model, so be warned that the 13-inch cases won’t fit perfectly.

We like the overall button layout – with volume on the left and power on the right – and like other iPhones with a similar design, it feels natural to hold and use with gesture controls. However, it’s been a while since Apple adopted USB-C on its phones instead of Lightning for the charging port on the bottom.

iphone 14 review

Jason Murdock

iPhone 14 camera

The set of two cameras of the iPhone 14 (12MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide) has been improved a bit this year with the addition of Apple’s “Image Engine” – which is a good way that it uses software smarts to make your photos look good, especially in low light. It’s not a huge fix, but this is still one of the best options you have for getting quality photos from your smartphone. Just point and shoot.

We tested the cameras with last year’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini (sadly there’s no new mini model this year) at London’s Trafalgar Square and found the results to be quite impressive – although the 14 Pro easily wins as a package generally for each. Enthusiastic photographers because of the size of the 48MP sensor that allows you to shoot in a raw format (ideal for photo editing), with a good zoom (not to mention a good performance due to the A16 Bionic chip).

However, we found the iPhone 14 to be more capable. In the slightly overcast conditions, shadows seemed to be cast on the National Gallery building, and we turned to Nelson’s Column and caught the afternoon sun reflecting the mountains below with storm clouds at distance. The morning shot at the train station captures the bright sky and piercing sun without overdoing it, and the colors are accurate in low light in one shot taken right at sunset. decline.

Here are examples of the types of photos you can expect from the iPhone 14 lens. These are taken directly from the camera, without retouching or editing.

While anyone with an iPhone 13 won’t be surprised by the camera performance (it’s about right) we appreciate that when using portrait mode, the iPhone 14’s cameras can blur things in front of the photo background. While the front lens is still 12 MP, it is good to see that it now has autofocus and a wide opening (f/1.9 instead of f/2.2) which will allow in more light inside, too.

Unlike previous iPhones, Apple has brought “activity mode” to the video settings – and we found this to make it easier to move while on the go. It will be great for anyone who uses the phone to take videos on YouTube or social media and the ultra-silicon film is a sure way to make your Instagram followers jealous, but we admit that it is not a feature that we will use it’s not him. a lot in our daily life.

iphone 14 review

Jason Murdock

iPhone 14 software

The iPhone 14 comes with the latest iOS 16, and this does more to make the phone feel fresher than any other hardware specification. It’s a joy to use. The lock screen is more customizable than ever, allowing you to add widgets like weather, news, calendar, fitness or reminders – and change the font and color of the watch face.

We are pleased to be able to show the real battery life of other connected devices, such as the new AirPods Pro, with a large widget, and improved focusing methods that allow you to silence notifications from specific apps or personal contacts one.

Of course, iOS 16 is no different from iPhone 14. The same goes for previous iPhones, and because this base model runs the same A15 chip you won’t get a performance boost by getting the newer model. What is new for the 14 line is Crash Detection which calls for immediate help if you are involved in a car accident. For practical reasons, we have not tested this and hope you never use it.

iPhone 14 battery

Unlike other Android smartphones these days, the iPhone 14’s battery life will not exceed several days from a single charge. Using the phone in the middle of the day – watching videos from YouTube and listening to music on Spotify during the journey of about two hours in total, as well as checking social media and email – we can usually get a little less than a full day before need. to hell.

Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 supports MagSafe (up to 15W) and Qi wireless charging (up to 7.5W). You’ll get up to 50% charge in about half an hour using the 20W wall adapter, and while it’s out of the box you can buy one of the best iPhone chargers for under £20. Using the Lightning connector to charge your phone feels old fashioned, and we hope Apple will embrace USB-C life like it did on MacBooks and iPads. Maybe next year.

iphone 14 review

Jason Murdock

iPhone 14 display

Colors and contrast pop on the iPhone 14’s 6.1-inch OLED panel. However, the display is unchanged from last year’s model, with the same resolution, adjustable brightness and excellent haptic feedback.

It’s all still bright, of course, but it’s nothing new. As it was for the last few iPhones, Apple sticks to the refresh rate of 60Hz on this model and it’s a bit scary when most of the competitors offer up to 90Hz – which allows scrolling and smooth operation easy – at least.

Fortunately, you probably won’t notice much of a difference unless you compare the iPhone 14 directly with the iPhone Pro side-by-side, and we quickly got used to the drop from the higher refresh rate of Pixel 6, so it’s not. transaction.

The borders around the display are small and uncomfortable, although the value on the screen is still too high for our liking – especially when it is very distorted. In our heads, we know Pro users are relaxing on their Dynamic Island and enjoying the display all the time, making base 14 feel instantly outdated.

iPhone 14 working

Unlike the last few iPhones, the 14 doesn’t have the same chip as the Pro. The base model has the same A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 13, while the Pro models jump to the A16. Honestly, for everyday use it is good – and we have no problems with performance when downloading and running applications, browsing the Internet, listening to music, watching videos or browsing through menus.

On a home WiFi connection, Mario Kart Tour and Angry Birds 2 downloaded in about 30 seconds (High Speed ​​Call: Mobile took a few minutes) and ran smoothly and without lag while playing . We had no problem with overheating, which we encountered when testing the Google Pixel 6a. If you have the right data plan, the iPhone 14 has 5G connectivity for faster downloads.

Face ID is fast and responsive, and while we don’t plan on taking the phone in the shower it has an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it can survive being submerged up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. try the 512GB model, but like the iPhone 13 there are also options to get 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage.

iphone 14 review

Digital Spy

iPhone 14 drawbacks

While the standard iPhone 14 feels like a feature-rich and premium smartphone, we don’t like that the entry-level UK price has increased by £100 in the UK this year, going from £749 to £849 for 128GB. model.

We’re not sure it’s good enough to justify this upgrade, especially since it has the same chip as the 2021 phone. The specs are impressive, but we also think it’s time for this model to get more high refresh rate and USB-C charging. There’s no escaping that lightning cable just yet.

iPhone 14 verdict

The iPhone 14 is the best smartphone you don’t need. It’s brilliant in almost every way, but it’s the definition of an upgrade.

Everyone who has an iPhone 13 will probably be happy to get iOS 16 and wait until next year when we can see a big change in design or processor. And given the similarities to last year’s phone (which is still available) would anyone want to spend an extra £100 on the new phone?

Users of an older iPhone XR or iPhone 11 can look to upgrade, but they can also save money by going to the iPhone 13 or the new iPhone SE. If you can get a great iPhone 14 contract deal and you want a model from the new line you won’t be disappointed, but if you can afford an extra £250 we recommend checking out the iPhone 14 Pro as it offers you the best features. , cameras and battery life.

Apple iPhone 14 (128GB, Blue)

  • High resolution screen
  • iOS 16 software is fun to use
  • Good quality cameras
  • A15 processor same as 2021
  • The most expensive base price this year
  • It’s still at a 60Hz refresh rate

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