The technology giant Apple has launched a new series of iPhone 14. These four iPhones in the series are iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. For the first time, Apple launched an e-SIM only e-SIM in the United States. So the question arises, will the US iPhone variant work in India? The answer is yes, the US-based iPhone variant will work in India.

Apple dropped the physical SIM card in the iPhone 14 series in the US. This means that the US variants of the iPhone 14 series will not come with a physical tray to insert sim cards. Instead, the iPhone 14 series phone will only support eSIMS. These US iPhones cannot be activated with a physical SIM, the company said.

In particular, major telecom companies like Airtel, Jio and Vi support e-SIM. The e-SIM facility has been available in India for several years now. Apple has already registered these telcos for e-SIM equipment. This means that Indian users can get the iPhone 14 from the US and it will work in India. But just unlocking iPhone will work here.

However, getting a new iPhone from the US has its pros and cons. All new iPhone 14 does not support physical SIMS. It means that users will seek help from service providers to get the new iPhone running. Vi, Jio and Airtel have clearly listed how to activate e-SIM on their website.

In particular, users cannot transfer anything stored on their physical SIM. Also, users cannot save contacts or anything else on the SIM. It is important to note that only a small number of carriers offer e-SIM speeds for switching carriers. Users need to check if the one they want to move is supported or not. No physical SIMS will pose a challenge for users if they want to switch between devices.

Importantly, while traveling users will be required to take the service of a provider that supports e-SIM. They cannot buy any local SIM from the airport and use it. This comes with additional streaming costs.

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