Wade Plemons believes Jake Paul is the best crossover boxer out there right now.

The 25-year-old American is undefeated and ready to fight former MMA champion Anderson Silva.

While Paul was one of the first YouTube celebrities to jump into the boxing ring, he may have come the farthest, and if he beats Hasim Rahman Jr., the WBC governing body said they would give him an official ranking.

Speaking on DAZN, Plemons weighed in on who he rated the most.

He said: “I’m going to number five, I’m going to put Papi Namak there and [AnEson]Gib. Salt Papi is dangerous, but Gib has experience and has been doing this for a long time. He has shown the ability to not only get off the mat, but to continue fighting.

“Number four, Slim. Slim Reaper. Every time he comes in, someone falls asleep and it’s not him. He gives them pillows and blankets.

“Number three. Give me Logan Paul and you should hear me out about it. He doesn’t have a win, but any man who walks in front of Floyd Mayweather in the eighth round points in the air and says, “Here goes your legacy!” and laughed at him – 50lbs bigger – he lifted, he did not lose the fight. He showed an ability that YouTube boxing didn’t have.”

Plemons had some praise for KSI, saying, “Number two, KSI. This man is invincible. He beat Logan Paul, a guy who was bigger than him. Arrival, everything. KSI was a dog there. He is what he is. He just goes and takes it. Then it does two-in-one night. He continues to evolve. “

Then he settled on Paul.

“Number one, Jake Paul,” he announced.

“Numbers one and two are so close, but Jake won not only by leaving the YouTube boxing scene. Go and do it to Tyron Woodley, who is still in fantastic shape and a threat to everyone. Coming up In fact, he’s fighting one of the greatest strikers to ever live.”


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