Luisa Morales –

October 1, 2022 | 11:58

MANILA, Philippines – After enjoying a lot of success in his career, sports icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to give back to the future stars of the boxing ring.

During his visit to the Philippines, Mayweather talked about the possibility of building his own boxing academy in the near future.

“Well, we’re working in Africa right now. So we’re working on a Floyd Mayweather Boxing Academy in one of the continents of the world, which is Africa. We’re talking to a few different people.” Mayweather said at a press conference of his partnership with streaming service AQ Prime last Thursday.

“The idea was brought to me a while ago and I put everything on hold, but now I think we will finally do it,” he said.

Mayweather, 45, also said he is open to expanding the idea to the Philippines – where he has considered investing in the coming years.

The undefeated boxing champion, who has visited the country more than once, said that he has more training in the country than his former opponent Manny Pacquiao.

“I thought about it today when I was riding around my team. I talked to a very close friend of mine… Before I came to the Philippines, I never knew what this country was like, you never know. , which is nothing until you fly there,” Mayweather said.

“So if I can come here one day and build something, even a boxing academy, me and Manny Pacquiao can work together, help young fighters in the Philippines, build a boxing academy, why not?” he concluded.

Mayweather traveled to the island of Boracay over the weekend after winning his exhibition match in Japan last week. In November, the 45-year-old will fight in another exhibition in Dubai.

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