“I thought I could knock everyone out,” Nikita Tzu admits, surprisingly, when it comes to being tight-lipped around her famous last name – and the power that comes with it.

Just a week after his Super Saturday clash against Darkon Dryden in Newcastle, Tszyu has vowed to overhaul his fighting style, which he says has seen him compete “with pride” and finish.

Despite only making his debut in March, the son of Australian boxing legend Kostya Tszyu admits he has been making headlines for his punching power and nickname “The Butcher”.

To prove it, the relatively undefeated heavyweight pointed to his most recent victory over Ben Horn – the younger brother of former champion Jeff Horn – where he “kept trying to force the knockout”.

“I’m starting to believe the rumors,” Tsyu said this week from inside the camp.

“I thought I could knock everyone out.

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“In my last fight (against Horn) I was looking for the knockout, I was trying to force it and I gave everything to hurt him.

“But what I learned about this style in the days of passion, you can ignore.

“You’re missing the basics.

“So I approach things differently now.

“I’ll try to learn from my mistakes in the last fight.”

As part of his overhaul, Tszyu promises a more measured and technical clash against undefeated Novocastrian Dryden on Saturday, October 8.

“And it’s nice to be slapped in the face,” Jiu smiled.

“I told myself, ‘You’re not invincible… you can’t knock everyone out.’

“I should be more intelligent.

“Master the art of sports.”

Pushing the 24-year-old into a sudden confession, he continued: “When I’m wrong, I can admit it.

“I can admit when I have a bit of arrogance in my head.

“And it’s good that I recognized it early.

“In this next fight, I will not try to knock out my opponent. I am looking to separate him.

“Get under his skin.

“Get inside his head.

“Take him out from the inside.”


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Watch Super Saturday No Limit LIVE in the Main Event at Kayo on Saturday 8 October from 19:00 AEST. Order NOW

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“That’s where most of my success was in amateurs. Having that technical advantage over my opponent.”

While Tzu admits the revelation came after watching a replay of his last win over Horn, he says there was no “lightbulb moment” that led to the change.

“No, it was mostly just self-awareness,” he says.

“I constantly watch videos and constantly evaluate myself. And I am a severe critic.

“I see mistakes and I know I have to make changes.

“Though during the fight, I remember the feeling that came over me – that ‘I can knock him out, I’m going for the knockout’ mentality.”

“It was overconfidence in my abilities.

“And I know it’s good to be confident. But being self-righteous, that’s when you’re wrong.

“So it’s about balance.

“You have to be confident while being humble. Be honest with yourself.”

Asked about Dryden, Tzu added: “He’s tough.

“And I think he’s looking for the knockout.

“Watching his fights, he is patient in the beginning. But when he feels weak, he goes for it.

“And that could be to his advantage or disadvantage next week.

“But she’s tough, that’s what I’m saying.”

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