The Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have received huge price discounts from Apple premium reseller iStore and Flipkart. Before you get too excited, remember that this discount does not reflect an immediate price reduction, but rather includes bank cash and exchange.

Apple iPhone offers from iStore

The iPhone 13 128 GB reseller iStore has received a deep discount from Apple premium reseller iStore, bringing the price to 52,900. The price of iPhone 12 64 GB has dropped to the bottom 39,900 as a result of the price drop. On the iPhone 13, you can save up to 27,000, and on iPhone 12, you can save up to 26,000.

The price of iPhone 13 128 GB has been reduced 20,000. First of all, the phone is sold at a price 79,900. The price has been reduced to 52,900 thanks to my instant shop discount 5,000 worth of feedback 4,000 on HDFC Bank credit and debit cards. Additionally, if you have an iPhone XR 64 GB in good working condition, you can get an exchange value of Rs18,000. When the cashback and trade-in offer are combined, the total discount on the iPhone 13 is 27,000.

The offer is also valid on iPhone 13 256GB and 512GB models. There is a 256GB model for 62,900, while the 512GB model is available for 82,900. iStore, Apple’s premium retailer, provides another 5,000 instant discount on the iPhone 12 64 GB edition, as well Divide by 3,000 again 18,000 exchange value for iPhone XR 64 GB in good condition. Cost of iPhone 12 128GB 44,900, while the price of 256GB 54,900.

Apple iPhone offers from Flipkart

Flipkart is offering 6% discount on iPhone 13 Mini with 128GB storage. That is, instead of being paid 69,900 for iPhone, you can get it for 65,299. However, if you have an old phone to trade in, you can save more money on the iPhone 13 Mini. See how to do it in the video below.

With the help of the exchange offer, the price of iPhone 13 Mini can be reduced up to 15,500. The only thing you need to confirm is that the offer is valid in your area. You can check this by going to the ecommerce website and entering your region’s pin code. In addition, the price reduction depends on the type and condition of the previous phone you are exchanging.

Flipkart Banking on iPhone are:

  • 10% on Kotak Bank Credit Card, up to 1,500 on my order 5,000 and above.
  • 10% off on Kotak Bank Debit Cards, up to 1,000 on my order 5,000 and above.
  • 10% off on Bank of Baroda Credit Card, up to 1,500 on my order 5,000 and above.
  • 10% off on HSBC Credit Card EMI Transactions, up to 1,500 on my order 5,000 and above.
  • 5% cashback on Flipkart Axis bank card.
  • 5% cashback up to 3,000 on IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card EMI transactions for 5,000 and above.
  • 100 off on 1st transaction via Flipkart Pay Later.

Free 3 month Gaana Plus subscription and 3 live BYJU’S lessons 999 are among the gifts available. Before taking advantage of bank offers and freebies, you should read the terms and conditions on the ecommerce website.

On discounts, exchanges, and bank offers, you can get the iPhone 13 Mini with 256GB or 512GB of storage. On the iPhone 13 Mini 256GB model, Flipkart is offering a discount of 7%. That is, it is available for purchase 74,299. The 512GB model is offered for 93,299, which is a decrease of 6%.

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