Apple launched the iPhone 14 line in the ‘Far Out’ event. And the imagination and excitement surrounding it was boundless.

The new iPhone series brings a lot of new features to the table and may confuse many people, especially in India, who want to buy the phone from the US because of the price difference. But it may not be the best idea, and one of the reasons is the introduction of e-SIM.

What is e-SIM, and what does the new iPhone 14 mean?

With the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple has abandoned the use of physical SIM cards in the United States. Therefore, there is no SIM card slot or physical tray to insert the SIM in the new iPhone series launched in the United States.

The company puts a SIM card in the phone itself, known as an e-SIM or electronic SIM. This built-in SIM card allows you to connect with any carrier or cellular service provider without replacing the physical SIM card.

These phones can be bought from USA and work in India.

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iPhone 14 Pro, Watch Ultra & AirPods Pro 2: Key Developments From Apple Conference

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However, you must know some pros and cons before taking such a step.

Will e-SIM iPhone 14 from US work in India?

All the major telecom service providers in India, namely Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone, have been supporting e-SIM for many years. And the support page of Apple’s website also lists all these three carriers that support e-SIM. It means iPhone 14 will work in India; however, you must purchase unlocked phones only from the United States.

There are some advantages of e-SIM iPhones over physical ones. These benefits include improved call quality, less wear and tear, and better safety, as there is no physical SIM. If the phone is stolen, the thieves cannot throw away any physical SIM and hide the phone’s location.


Will I need help from a service provider to operate an iPhone with an e-SIM?
In phones that support physical SIM cards, you need to insert the SIM into the tray, and the communication service starts. But that’s not the case with e-SIM, because you need support from your carrier to get your iPhone 14 up and running.

Will the resale value of iPhone 14 with e-SIM decrease when you sell the phone in India?
Compared to a physical SIM card, an e-SIM cannot be replaced if the phone dies or becomes inactive. Also, you can’t buy a physical SIM and just insert it into the phone to activate your phone. And this gives the physical SIM card a natural advantage over the e-SIM. Therefore, the resale value of phones sold in India will be higher than buying from the US and reselling in India. However, iPhones generally have better resale value compared to other smartphones.

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