An 18-year-old man was shot in the leg in a southeast Calgary neighborhood on Sunday night.

The incident took place shortly before 6 p.m. in the 2000 block of SE 27th Street in the community of Southview

Calgary Police Department officials confirmed to CTV News Calgary that an injured man was found in the backyard of one of the homes in the area.

Officers taped a white Jeep with blown windows and what appear to be bullet holes.

Police say the victim and a second man were in the Jeep at the time of the shooting and the vehicle crashed as they tried to flee the scene.

The suspect vehicle in the shooting is described as a light-colored sedan.

The incident surprised the neighbors.

“I was in my garden, we had a fire and well, all of a sudden we heard a lot of cracking and some ricocheting,” said resident Morgan Blair. “And then it went off, like it was gunshots.”

“We were kind of trying to figure out what just happened and we saw a white Jeep just tearing up the driveway.”

“I thought it was fireworks or my neighbor was having fun with a cap gun,” resident Damian Coates said.

The shooter(s) have not yet been found. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the CPS non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 or anonymous information may be submitted to Crime Stoppers.

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