A teenager was fatally shot Tuesday morning on the grounds of a Boston high school, according to city law enforcement.

High school student Jeremiah E. Burke is in stable condition and another student, a 17-year-old identified as his shooter, has been located and arrested, officials said. Police say suspected shooter is a child who will appear in juvenile court; the charges against them are pending.

The shooting has caused a lockdown at school in Dorchester, where a pupil was stabbed last month.

“My heart breaks as a mother and as a resident of this city,” Mayor Michelle Wu said at the start of the press conference.

After a student was shot on the grounds of Jeremiah E. Burke High School, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, new Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper and police have provided an update on what happened. had passed and on the immediate response of the city.

“On Monday and Tuesday of this week alone, my office identified five new cases involving illegal firearms,” ​​the Suffolk County prosecutor said in a statement to NBC10 Boston. “When students pack guns with their textbooks, it’s abundantly clear just how perilous this issue has become. I sincerely hope this public crisis receives the societal attention it deserves.”

Officers responded to the Washington Street school to report that a person had been shot around 9:30 a.m., according to Felipe Colon, superintendent of the Boston Police Bureau of Investigative Services. Police found a teenager, high school student Jeremiah Burke, with gunshot wounds.

Sources tell NBC10 Boston investigators the teen was shot in the stomach.

The teen was taken to hospital and is listed in stable condition, Colon said.

“Shortly after the incident, a description of the suspect was released. Other officers responding to the scene located an individual matching this description,” Colon said. “This individual has been positively identified as the suspect.”

A search of the area yielded a firearm, said Colon, who added that the investigation was continuing.

The school was taken out of safe mode after several hours, allowing students to move around the school safely, according to Neva Coakley, chief of Boston Public Schools Safety Services. Additional staff members have been made available to support students and staff.

Residents of the neighborhood are embarrassed by the violence.

“We heard gunshots and saw someone running from the scene,” said a woman who works in the area and did not want to be identified. “We’re in an office where we’re scared to leave our desk, trying to get out late, and it’s nerve-wracking to get to your car…because it’s non-stop.”

The woman says she saw the entire crime unfold on her company’s CCTV system.

“We saw it with our own eyes charging it,” she said. “It’s nerve wracking – do they come back, or are there more things going to happen? It’s a constant battle, and when you even hear a pop, you duck, so it happens just to a point where something has to happen.”

“It’s a school – it’s where we should come and celebrate and be able to see the community that is here at the Burke and the good work going on in the building,” said Mary Skipper, superintendent of Boston Public Schools. “And again, we have violence, with young people. Too many students, too many young people, too many weapons in the street.”

A 17-year-old will be arrested on Wednesday after allegedly shooting a classmate outside Burke High School in Boston.

In a letter to parents, Skipper said Boston Public Schools should have alerted them to the shooting sooner.

“We also need to communicate with our families quickly and effectively,” she said in the letter. “This did not happen as quickly as it should have now and we apologize for that. We are currently reviewing our internal systems to ensure that such a lag in communication never happens again. “

Police are asking anyone with information relevant to the case to contact department detectives at 617-343-4270.

“This is another example of how guns and young people don’t mix at all,” Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox said. “As a police department, we will work with our partners to do everything we can to reduce the number of guns in the city of Boston.”

Wu highlighted the strength and resilience of the community during his speech.

“It’s a strong community. They’ve been through trauma,” she said. “What happened today – it is not right. And it cannot be the responsibility of our school department alone to address violence in our communities. What is happening in the lives of our students , at home, in the community, eventually comes out into our sacred spaces of learning.”

Wu thanked school staff who “acted immediately” in the moments following the situation, reaching out to public safety. The mayor said the student was in the hospital “within minutes” and “all processes started as planned and practiced”.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden told the news conference that authorities would do everything possible to investigate the case thoroughly.

“Right now, we are together collectively concerned for this community, for the students involved, for the administration,” Hayden said. “And we will continue to do all we can to support them in this tragic situation.”

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