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Boxing is a combat sport that will definitely make you feel like a powerful force. It sends out your superhero and puts you in the line of fire.

This is why protective boxing equipment is essential for both beginners and advanced players – even if you train in your home gym.

We spoke to boxing training experts Sydney Miller and Dan Bulay. Together, they share the best boxing training equipment for fighters of all levels with the best selection of accessories.

Read on for a series of FAQs followed by must-have boxing items, along with a few of our favorites.

You will be thrown in the ring in no time.

Meet the experts

Sidney Miller

Founder trainer of Swerve Fitness, coach, fighter and lululemon ambassador.

Dan Bulay

Spouse of the district educational institution and coach of Everlast.

Boxer Sydney Rose
Boxer Dan Bulay

What are the benefits of boxing?

Both Miller and Boulay agree that boxing is one of the best forms of exercise out there, as Boulay claims it’s “energizing,” “widely popular” and has “seemingly endless” benefits.

Miller agrees, saying that boxing “improves heart health, aids in weight loss, increases strength, improves balance, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and increases bone density, which helps prevent aging conditions such as prevents osteoporosis.”

But boxing also goes beyond the usual physical benefits.

“The nature of memorizing combinations and asking your body to put those sequences together is also a very healthy activity to keep our brains healthy and strengthen the mind-body connection,” Miller told The Post.

Further, Boulay believes that “knowing how to strike and possibly even knowing how to strike gives strength.”

“Most people have never been punched in the face or in a physical fight in their life (I know I didn’t get into a fight out of high school),” Bulay said. “Knowing how to do it even if you never use it. It’s like the saying – “it’s better to have it and never use it than to be the situation you need and don’t have.”

Female boxing

What kind of equipment does every boxer need?

Both experts stated that you don’t need much to start your boxing journey.

“When learning the basics of boxing—how to punch with your hips, how to move your feet properly, how to connect everything—you don’t even need a pair of gloves to get started, just your body,” Bulay shared.

However, when you’re ready to step in the ring, you’ll need to pack some goods.

“Illegitimate negotiations are blankets and gloves,” Miller said. “I recommend picking up a great pair of gloves that you’ll wear for years, because I promise you’ll be addicted.”

Boulay focuses his equipment on good shoes, saying that “beginners can get away with a good pair of training shoes, but eventually need to upgrade to proper boxing shoes.

In addition to wraps, gloves, and shoes, Miller also recommends hats and mouth guards if you plan to spar.

The best boxing equipment, according to experts

Gloves and Mittens

1. Hayabusa Boxing Gloves, $159

White boxing gloves

Miller claims that these “so far [her] lover.”

This pair comes in 14 different color combinations and five different weights. Further features include interlocking wrist straps, splint support for wrist alignment, multi-layer foam technology, temperature regulation and a microfibre finger to wick away sweat.

Shop all gloves here.

2. Hayabusa Quick Gel Gloves, $20

Black gloves

Miller also said Hayabusa offers great gloves.

We love these gel gloves that are secure and supportive. They roll up in seconds and are a convenient alternative to traditional wraps.

Just put them on like a glove and wait for the gel and foam to fill up while supporting the hands.

3. Everlast Powerlock2 Pro Hook & Loop Training Gloves, $100

Blue boxing gloves

If you’re a beginner, Bulay has you covered.

“Especially for beginners, I recommend Everlast gloves. They do a great job of creating very good entry-level gloves for most people,” Bulay said.

The pair he usually recommends are the Powerlock2 Pro Hook & Loop Training Gloves. They come in five different color options and offer you the ideal balance of power and protection.

4. Our choice: lululemon Wunder Train Gloves$38

Black gloves

We are in love with these training gloves. Choose from pink or black and protect your hands while you put in the work.

Miller even has a few Lululemon clothing favorites, such as Wunder Train high-waisted leggings, Energy Bras and Chargefeels, which she likes to box because she can “work out.” [her] sprints and conditioning in them”.

Bags and weights

1. Quiet Punch Doorway, $159

Boxing bag

Next up is the favorite Bulay Quiet Punch punching bag. Ideal for homes and apartments, just hang it on the doorstep and go to work.

“While there’s really nothing like punching a heavy bag for stress relief, it’s a great option if you don’t have room to hang a bag or you’re on the go,” Bulay said.

2. Everlast 100LB Super Leather Heavy Duty Bag, $400

Black boxing bag

If you want to go all the way, the Everlast 100lb Punching Bag is for you.

Boulay explained that the preferred weight can vary depending on the size of the athlete, but as long as you get the right weight, “it definitely holds up when you hit it, but it doesn’t feel like most people break their wrists.” .”

3. Egg weight, $30

Egg weight

According to Boulay, egg weights are great for building endurance and strength while shadowboxing.

“While you can absolutely use a pair of light dumbbells, the egg provides a more natural feel and weight distribution than a dumbbell or comparable options,” says the trainer.

We also love that you can choose your favorite color, such as pink, blue or green, to add a little extra flair.

Our pick: Bala Bars, $59

Hand weights

Like Egg Weights, Bala Bars distribute weight evenly and look good while doing it.

Each one is made of steel, wrapped in baby-soft silicone and comes in a convenient color carrying case. Choose from colors such as stone, red and sage.

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