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When iPhone 14 users are not using the new Apple device, the screen does not sleep. You will continue to shine with popular widgets such as alarms, calendar appointments and live sports scores with real-time updates, and be ready when you are ready. looking down or it is inevitable to return it.

Apple’s new flagship line, which goes on sale in stores on Friday, features the largest ever switch to a lock screen — a feat that has mostly been a waste of attention up until this point. It is not a new concept; Android has supported always-on displays for a while but this is a first for Apple. It’s not just a way to put users with their devices in a wrong way, the idea of ​​looking for something new related to the old space comes as it is. Backpack users must find a reason to trade in or buy devices without major hardware upgrades.

“This was like an empty garage that’s now fully utilized,” said Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. “It will obviously increase the amount of time spent on the phone. … We look at it as a strategic strategy.”

While the lock screen is usually limited – allowing for quick notifications, time, reminders, calendar appointments, and text messages – Apple is adding more customization and flexibility to the lock screen. It will also show, for example, the progress of an Uber delivery of groceries to your home information previously found in apps only. (For those who find it too complicated, they can mute any and all widgets.)

The new lock screen also provides a way to display images, choose custom text styles and colors, and provides a better notification array now at the bottom of the screen.

“Apple is not always the first and they can be like in the past, but when they bring something to the market, it is implemented very well,” said Michael Inouye, senior analyst from ABI Research.

Inouye, however, believes that the display can always reduce the amount of time spent on the device, allowing users to do more without permission. Search through apps and use most of the functions. “When it’s just a quick notification on the lock screen and it’s not interactive, it keeps those unexpected distractions from our primary work,” he said.

Whether the lock screen saves time or drags the user The depth of suction time may depend on the person. Apple told CNN that what a user interacts with on their lock screen won’t affect their Screen Time, the iPhone’s internal tracking device that monitors a user’s interactions during the week .

Apple’s new lock screen joins a number of surprising changes coming to the iPhone 14 lineup, such as the Dynamic Island, a cube-shaped area at the top of the screen that replaces the bulk of the screen. It increases and decreases when a call comes in, music is played or other features are used.

But much like the lock screen, Apple is trying to get the best out of the small areas that haven’t been touched for years.

“These are all things that companies are doing to show innovation as it becomes increasingly difficult to do that from the hardware side,” Inouye said. “Although the device is advanced, from most users’ perspective they will not notice the differences in their daily use. But these changes can be seen.”

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