Apple, an American technology giant, launched its iPhone 14 series on September 7, just a few days after the launch of iPhone 14, and rumors about iPhone 15 have already started to spread. Two industry experts have indicated that Apple may change its name. The top of its line is the iPhone 15, which is expected to carry the iPhone 15 Pro Max moniker, as the iPhone 15 Ultra.

The first mention of the iPhone 15 Ultra was heard last week after Apple launched the iPhone 14 at the Far Out event. According to an analyst Mark Gruman, it would make sense for Apple to finally change the name of its flagship from ‘Pro Max’ to ‘Ultra’. He further suggested that changing the name of the device would be easier and would be more in line with Apple’s new naming scheme as reported in the M1 Pro, M1 Mx and M1 Ultra Mac of the Cupertino company.

Later, the famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo tweeted that he believes Apple will create more differences between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 standard models to increase the share of shipments and the new iPhone ASP.

Kuo tweeted, “Taking the next step, Apple will also start to differentiate between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Pro. It is better to work through the right product distribution strategy to generate more sales/ profit in the big market.

Next year, Kuo claims that Apple will increase the gap between Pro and non-Pro iPhone models. The tech giant may start offering exclusive features in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Kuo believes that the company is likely to be able to do this through the right product distribution strategy to generate more sales and profits. Apple also wants to increase the shipping share of Pro models, thus increasing the average selling price of high-quality phones.

It is important to note that Apple currently categorizes its iPhones as the non-powerful and Pro iPhone models. The new Pro models have received a design change on the front and in the cameras the non-Pro phones come with the usual improvements over the iPhone 13 series.

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