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Embark on an Enticing, Enriching and Exhilarating Travel Experience

India – the treasure trove of myriad experiencessets a perfect mood for memorable holidays.A land of amazing beauty, striking diversity and cultural confluences, holiday destinations in India have always intrigued travellers from around the world. Like My Trip now brings a unique and enthralling way to discover the true charm of India. We offer customised travel solutionsthat meet your holiday mood..

Love adventure? Need exotic spa therapy to unwind and rejuvenate your senses? Want to devour yourself in spirituality? Explore rich history & traditions? Just pick your favourite destination and we will design travel packages that are based on special themes or interests. Alternatively, choose a holiday mood that enthrals you and we will suggest the best destination to have the finest experience.

Enthralling Village Sojourn

Explore myriad colours, traditions and experiences; visit the villages of India. Unravel the rustic beauty and intriguing folklores that will travel you to a different world all together.

Desert Adventure Holidays & Tours

Discover the dazzling deserts of India with our Desert Adventure Holidays. From breathtaking desert safaris to stargazing, our custom travel packages are designed to delight your mood.

Up, Close & Personal with Exotic Wildlife

India is blessed with exotic flora and fauna and nothing's more exhilarating than to escape on an awe-inspiring wildlife safari with Like My Trip.

Whatever interests you, we will get you through the untamed world of India that knows no bounds – a journey to cherish forever!

Exotic Honeymoon Retreat

Honeymoon is an experience of a lifetime; a blissful celebration of a new beginning. It has to be most special.We bring to you the best honeymoon destinations and customise the holiday in a way that exceeds your expectations. With us, your honeymoon will be an unforgettable experience.

Enchanting Destination Weddings

Experience an exotic wedding with picturesque mountains, sun-kissed beaches or beautiful gardens. Our destination wedding packages are tailored to promise you the most memorable experience. So, where do you plan your wedding?

Spiritual India

India's culture and traditions are woven in its spirituality. Discover the spiritual charm of India with Like My Trip. From Yogic wisdom to top pilgrim centres and religious diversity, we promise to unravel India's spirituality at its best. Unwind, relax and replenish your mind, body and soul as you dedicate yourself to the cosmic power.

Art & Crafts

India is culturally rich and blessed with varied art forms and craftsmanship that attract travellers from around the world. Walk down the streets; escape on a village retreat or visit the bustling bazaars to discover India's rich ethnicity, art and craft at its best.

Wonders of Trekking

Love thrill & adventure? Embark on a journey with Like My Trip and explore the wonders of trekking the highest of mountains or the deepest of jungles. Our trekking packages are custom designed to meet your interest and mood.