The troubled International Boxing Association may have to hold its own presidential election again after the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled on Tuesday in favor of a candidate who was disqualified from the primary vote.

The court said it upheld an appeal by Dutch boxing official Boris van der Voors that he should not have been disqualified from paper ballots last month for a minor breach of advertising rules.

However, it did not order the IBA to re-run the May 14 vote that re-elected its president Umar Kremlev.

The IBA said of the ruling that it would “take legal advice on the implications and consider appropriate measures” during its board meeting on June 24 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Van der Vorst was the Kremlin’s intended opponent until an election inspection panel declared him ineligible a day before the scheduled vote.

The electoral control body expelled Van der Vorst and other candidates for the IBA’s elected positions on charges of “prohibited cooperation” and campaigning.

A CAS judge ruled that only one rule on early campaigning was broken by Van der Vorst, but so was Kremlin.

The court’s statement said minor violations of the rules “deserved a lenient punishment such as a warning or even no punishment, but not disqualification.”

“We look forward to working with the IBA to restore the electoral process as quickly as possible,” Van der Vorst said in a joint statement with the three unions, whose complaints were also upheld by CAS.

The uncertainty of the election has raised doubts at the International Olympic Committee about the IBA’s bid to regain its status as the recognized organizer of boxing ahead of the Paris 2024 Summer Games.

Boxing’s governing body was stripped of IOC recognition in the run-up to last year’s Tokyo Games, and the sport was removed from the initial program for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

The IOC has long criticized the boxing body for its management, finances and integrity of fights at championships, including the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Six years ago, Olympic boxing and the governing body were managed by CK Wu, then a long-time member of the IOC.

He was replaced by Gafur Rahimov, who was elected despite the KBO’s warnings about his reputation. Rahimov was on the US Treasury Department’s sanctions list for alleged links to international heroin trafficking, which he denied.

The Kremlin was elected in 2020 and has received support from the IBA to clear millions of dollars in debt, although the IOC has raised concerns over its financial dependence on Russian state energy company Gazprom as a sponsor.

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